Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snaps | John Hicks

Our Bmx Rider John Hicks sent over some photos of him chillin in his city, Long Beach.  

Event Recap | Skateboard Mag 100th Issue Party

Skateboard Mag was created in 2004, in 2012 they finally made it to their 100th Issue.  In celebration of their Issue Anniversary they threw a party in Hollywood at Siren Studios.  Over 100 amazing & legendary skate prints were posted in a gallery along with the attendance of too many legendary faces.

This photo speaks for itself, if you are an OG in the skate game, these two dudes helped paved the way in making skateboarding as iconic as it is today.  

Maliceous Rob checking out the gallery.

At the end of the show Atiba had announced that everyone could take prints off the wall to take home, we searched left and right for the dude who nabbed this Mark Gonz photo.  He wouldn't take any offers from me or Rob.

THEE 100th Issue

Always good to see the homies

Especially this guy right here...

If you don't know, this is Antwuan Dixon.  Me and Twan went to Narbonne High School together in LA, I had just started developing my style in skating while this dude was already stomping nollie heel's down 8.  That may not seem like a lot but this was back in 02'.  Way before he turned pro and blasted by tattoos.

TK & Switch

Ray Barbee with the tunes.

Twan & Earl

What was Tyler rubbing on looking so sus while Twan took this picture.

Oh ok makes sense... Atiba's photos are always killer.

When I see this photo i think of that Styles P Line "five eight & three quarters but I'm bigger than yall"
lil JR!

Is that Lil' Wayne................ sigh

Yuto Kojima & Kirk Rocha..... rippers

Taking a photo for Skateboard Mag with Jenn Klein.

P-Rod was there guys....


I told Fran me & her were gonna get married & this is how she repays me....cold world.


Ako & Atiba..... Chomp on That.


Antwaun & the ladies.

Skate Prom 2012


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Weekend Sale

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Snaps | On The Block

[Above:  TK of Those Two is Very Rare]

This past Wednesday I took two days away from work to chill with some friends & start on a new project that I have up my sleeve.  I posted on Fairfax for the afternoon into the evening before catching a skate session in the dark with Rob (MLCS).  


Tony the Pony

Chris King & I go way back, good to see him doing his thing in LA

Diamond Mayor

Corey & G

Jenn Klein's Photo.

Peas & Carrots & Friends.



Feels good to be back on the board, I was vexed with a knee injury and haven't stepped on one in 4 months.

Game of Skate

Tony Backside Flip

Oh it's Aurielle

By the time Me & Rob go to Westchester, the lights were off, oh well we still skated.


Posted By Mateo
Photo Credit:  Mateo & Jenn Klein