Thursday, September 29, 2011

Online Shop is Now Open!


For those who haven't had a chance to make it to the shop or just don't live in the area, now is your chance to get the first delivery of DYNT Fall 11' online. Some product have already sold out so I recommend that you take advantage quick.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Saturday!


Come join us this Saturday at the Glasshouse in Pomona. Make sure you follow our Twitter & "Like" our Facebook, we are giving away 2 free tickets!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Event | Everybody's Rival Launch Party

IMG_7491 copy

It was a packed house last Saturday at the Turntable Lab on Fairfax for the Everybody's Rival Launch Party. The event was hosted by Spintelect, KB, Fern, & DJ of Everybody's Rival. They announced on Saturday that they are a new media group that's gonna bring 100% genuine productions to the industry. The party consisted of familiar faces, some good music, & good people.

IMG_7541 copy

Spintelect is one of my new favorite DJ's, he played nothing but good shit including some Diplomats.

IMG_7501 copy

Even Jesus came out to the party. Funny story is when we got off the freeway on Fairfax, Wezzie pointed out Jesus standing on the sidewalk, he wasn't even walking. Not even 15 minutes later he shows up at the party. Either it was really jesus or he's really quick, had to have been a 2 mile walk.

IMG_7481 copy

You know Danielle Jocelyn who occasionally shows up in our blog posts, well she is part of the ER team, & helped put on the event.

IMG_7516 copy

Always good to see Noa James, Him & Jesus toasted then threw up the west.

IMG_7502 copy

IMG_7509 copy

Bana & Caitlin of IN

IMG_7537 copy

Our SD Friends Mo & Dauche (The Blurbs)

IMG_7543 copy

I caught this picture of KB right before the cops had to come and shut down the party.

IMG_7548 copy

You can always count on the PIGS to come and ruin something, they were undercover in a unmarked Impala that they parked in the middle of the street.

IMG_7530 copy

Good times, we wish much success to the newly born company & we will be working with them in the near future. Shout out to ER & Twelve Bar for the love, see yall soon!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Events | Loud & Obnoxious 4 yr Anniversary

IMG_6758 copy

The Loud & Obnoxious crew recently moved into their bigger facility in the outskirts of P-town which looks great. Now on top of that accomplishment the just celebrated 4 years of being in business with their clothing brand. We have known Vince & his crew for a couple years now & they are definitely a driven group. At the direction they are headed, I'm sure they will easily bag another 4 years under their belt easily.

IMG_6671 copy

Supporters lined up early to get their hands on some new product from the L&O Camp.

IMG_6727 copy

Product ready to be moved out.

IMG_6744 copy

The Beer Tasting Table.

IMG_6732 copy

I thought this was pretty creative, L&O sampled their very own Beer in collaboration with Kooshian & Parada. They titled it the "Widowmaker IPA" & released a commemorative tee to go with it.

IMG_6712 copy

Outside several games of HORSE went down.

IMG_7323 copy

Melloe ended up reigning undefeated.

IMG_7340 copy

Gabe Salazar managed to beat L&O's Preston in a game of S.K.A.T.E.

IMG_6837 copy

I got out there and did a couple tricks before it was back to shooting.

IMG_7344 copy

Carter rolled through to wrap up the event with a live performance.

IMG_7397 copy

posted out front & chopped it up for a second while the DJ's set up, Carter, Spoety, Thieves Honor

IMG_7418 copy

Carter doing his set.

IMG_7436 copy

Great turnout, good times, & good people. The rest of the pictures can be found HERE!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black "Duck" Pocket Tee is SOLD OUT


Guess you can blame our buddy Phil Mao for picking up the last black "Duck" Pocket Tee, or you can blame yourself for moving too slow. There is still other DYNT Product still in stock but soon to be sold out as well, including the white "Duck" tee. The shop will be open Fri-Sun from 1p-7p make sure you come through, we are taking out of state phone orders as well, call 909.218.7566. Don't Sleep!

WDYWT | Sean Lyles

Sean Lyles is a talented photographer out of Arizona, we got a chance to catch up with him on this week's "WDYWT" segment. I met Sean mildly two years back at Nick Diamond's birthday party at Hyde, my homegirl Erika introduced us. He was staying in AZ at the time but happened to be in town. Since then he has been making major moves, & now he is a Los Angeles local, running the Black Scale Los Angeles location. We got a chance to knock this out and learn more about his story while working on the "Behind the Brand" video for Mega. You can check out his work on his website, make sure you follow his tumblr as well. We want to thank Sean for his time, the laughs, & the hospitality. Next time we go on the roof let's hope no one falls in the dumpster!!!! ha!

Till the next one.
If you want to be featured on our "WDYWT" Segment, hit us up sometime & let us know a little bit about you, maybe you will be our next feature.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tune in Tuesday's

I've been feeling this song since wayyy back..lol When the whole Dipset family was on the coming up, I was a big fan. This song takes me back to when wearing 2 x tall Pro club tee's from the swapmeet.lol The good old days when, all I cared about was swooping females, smoking good bud, keeping my car clean, and chillin. It's amazing how much life change's when you reach the point where you want more and are willing to put it all on the line. I actually learned alot of that by listening and watching the whole dipset family live out there dream.

Till next week, thanks again for tuning in.

- Travis


We had a few of our younger followers at the shop, so I took my camera out and chilled with them for a little. These kids are something else.lol It's amazing to see how our youth are growing up these days. To everyone who is reading this, I'm planning on making video's on individuals, every friday. So if you happen to be in the area, stop by the shop and let's get creative.

Do You Not Them

- Travis

Monday, September 19, 2011

Allow Us to Re-Introduce Ourselves.


With our doors reopening & our first delivery of our Fall Season releasing tonight we decided to drop some knowledge about our brand.


Let's start out with the obvious:

Yes, we are a clothing brand, DYNT, & if you are reading this & you haven't put two & two together; it stands for "Do You, Not Them." It pretty much means we promote Individuality & genuinely cosign those who do so.


Our Product:

Our clothing is hand printed by our team at our warehouse which marks us as an 100% "American made" Brand. Our hats & cut & sew pieces are also outsourced right here in the state of California. Hence where the "DYNT California" Logo was derived, we take pride in our home where everyone on our team was raised. Although most brands claim cities, we claim the state considering our team member were raised ranging from SF to the IE to LA.


Our Vision:

We live a "Do It Yourself" lifestyle, we make sure everything that is done for our brand we put in some kind of handwork, reviewing, designing, planning, etc. No big investments, just a couple kids who had an idea, put some hard work in, & just did it. Our true vision is just to reach a pinnacle by working hard & of course doing what we want, and not what's traditionally expected. We make our own rules & choose our own paths, we thank everyone who has supported us & helped us get this far.


Our Shop:

Our newly remodeled DYNT Gallery serves as our Flagship Location, Office, & Gallery. We are open Appointment Only M-TH, which means you simply call in if you would like to drop in and pick up some product or meet with us. Fri-Sun we are open to the public from 1p-7p, make sure you drop by sometime & check us out. Special Thank You to John Mihovetz for the interior collaborations.


DYNT Gallery
211 W. Emporia St. #203
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 218-7566
Appointment Only

Event Recap | DYNT Gallery Reopening & Fall Release Party

IMG_5762 copy

You can't say we haven't warned everyone about how our events go, but we will say it again; "Our crew sure knows how to throw a party!" The week leading to this was hectic with a list of "to do's" that could hit the floor but we managed to get them done. The newly redone store was completed along with the first delivery of the season, I love seeing new tees on the racks.

IMG_5879 copy

The hard work definitely payed off, by 9 there was about 200+ people accounted for trying to find a way into the store. We had to tear down our window display to allow people & staff stuck outside to watch the fight & performances.

IMG_5889 copy

We played around on the mic for a second before the fight started to see who was going for Ortiz, three people spoke up.... Maybe there was more but they stayed quiet.

IMG_5916 copy

The two piece that was seen around the world that ended the fight.

IMG_5939 copy

After the fight Noa James & Stevie Crooks commenced to killing their performances! Footage coming soon.

IMG_5998 copy

"New York Nika" managed to get her hands on one of the "Duck Pocket Tees" these will be gone before I get a chance to put pictures up, think fast.

IMG_5846 copy

Our Summer Interns still love us... AC & Alejandra

IMG_5836 copy

Rob (Malicious Skates) made the trip!

IMG_5812 copy

So did the lovely ladies of "IN"

IMG_5808 copy

Lil River the "Super Intern" & Chase held down the counter.

IMG_5795 copy

I have to put lil Rob on the blog, I call him "Big Rob" cause he's always trying to kickbox with someone, but if you go through the pics, he's lurking somewhere in a lot of them.

IMG_5798 copy

Danni took care of everyone's inebriation for the night! Make sure you thank her!

IMG_5752 copy

By the end of the night, the sigh of relief after another successful event, product moved out, no drama, no drinks spilled on our newly finished furniture, no other knockouts after Ortiz, & plenty of great memories. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed support, the shop is back in business, come by Fri-Sun 1p-17p, or call in M-Th 909.218.7566.


Go "Like" & Check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook! There's plenty to go around, If you were the owner of one of the many cameras floating around the party that day, email us. We would love to see your photo interpretation of the event.