Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Event | Everybody's Rival Launch Party

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It was a packed house last Saturday at the Turntable Lab on Fairfax for the Everybody's Rival Launch Party. The event was hosted by Spintelect, KB, Fern, & DJ of Everybody's Rival. They announced on Saturday that they are a new media group that's gonna bring 100% genuine productions to the industry. The party consisted of familiar faces, some good music, & good people.

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Spintelect is one of my new favorite DJ's, he played nothing but good shit including some Diplomats.

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Even Jesus came out to the party. Funny story is when we got off the freeway on Fairfax, Wezzie pointed out Jesus standing on the sidewalk, he wasn't even walking. Not even 15 minutes later he shows up at the party. Either it was really jesus or he's really quick, had to have been a 2 mile walk.

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You know Danielle Jocelyn who occasionally shows up in our blog posts, well she is part of the ER team, & helped put on the event.

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Always good to see Noa James, Him & Jesus toasted then threw up the west.

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Bana & Caitlin of IN

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Our SD Friends Mo & Dauche (The Blurbs)

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I caught this picture of KB right before the cops had to come and shut down the party.

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You can always count on the PIGS to come and ruin something, they were undercover in a unmarked Impala that they parked in the middle of the street.

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Good times, we wish much success to the newly born company & we will be working with them in the near future. Shout out to ER & Twelve Bar for the love, see yall soon!

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