Friday, July 29, 2011

Locals | Bumsteads Bicycles x DYNT

Steven and Garrison from Bumsteads Bicycle shop by stopped the shop the other day. We we're bored, the weather was right, so we got out the shop and went filming. This is what we came up with.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Hundred's 8th Anniversary

IMG_0848 copy

Whether you like them or not, The industry titans known as The Hundreds are 2 years away of staying in one of the top spots in streetwear. We got an invite to their friends & family 8 Anniversary Party. Check out some pictures below:

IMG_0830 copy

Despite being swarmed with supporters & friends with congrats, we got a chance to sneak in some small talk with Bobby. He has always been a humble, down to earth dude.

IMG_0763 copy

Bridget Blonde, enough said.

IMG_0744 copy

Free Drinks & Free Pabst Pins!

IMG_0711 copy

Hey look it's Nelson! Needless to say we go back, but he has a brand CLSC with the homie Josh. Check them out!

IMG_0767 copy

IMG_0837 copy

Perfect Pin Placement

IMG_0820 copy

Gutter Life Pin Placement.

IMG_0754 copy

Rollin some dice in the shop.

IMG_0729 copy

good crowd, good people, good vibes....

IMG_0746 copy

I'm gonna wrap this blog post up with this picture of Travis. Wanna see the rest of the pics, head over to our Facebook & Click the "Like" Button.

DYNT Rider | John Hicks

Heres a couple clips of our boy John we found on the Stranger Page!

Quick Edits | These Kids Aren't Alright.

When you have a shop you gotta expect having those bad ass kids that come around & terrorize the place. Well heres a prime example! Our super intern brought his crew over & they literally went Ape Sh*t.




Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Snaps | Slaps


Want Free DYNT Stickers? It's easy, just mail a self addressed stamped envelope to us and we will send you some stickers free of charge.

DYNT Gallery
211 W. Emporia St. #203
Ontario, CA 91762

Todays snaps photos are some sticker cameo's we took or that were sent to us. By law we can't encourage the slapping of stickers on property, but who says we don't support it!? Do You, Not Them..... Enjoy!











Saturday, July 23, 2011

#Support the Homie


Adam "DUMA" of ETRNLST came through the office yesterday to show some brand to brand love & catch up. His brand just released their Summer Drop. Make sure you check it out along with the video below:

"Quote of the Day"

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Do you not them

Snaps | These Kids are NOT alright.


By now every has had to have a couple of "Summer Happenings" to reminisce about when September comes around. This weeks "snaps" blog comes from our "summer days" with DYNT. Come hang on the block with us sometime, Mon-Sat 1p-7p. Make sure you check the rest of our lifestyle pics that will be posted on our new Tumblr Page! Follow us & Enjoy.

IMG_9887 copy

IMG_9894 copy

IMG_9892 copy

IMG_9891 copy

IMG_9883 copy

IMG_9782 copy

IMG_9771 copy

IMG_9750 copy

IMG_9755 copy

IMG_9747 copy

IMG_6508 copy

IMG_6505 copy

IMG_6506 copy

IMG_9838 copy

IMG_0123 copy

IMG_0020 copy

IMG_0091 copy

IMG_0082 copy

IMG_0008 copy

IMG_0035 copy

IMG_0028 copy


Friday, July 22, 2011


We will be vending here, so make sure you come out and support. See you there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update | Online Shop Re-Opens

Our Summer Release is now available online, make sure you check it out & place your order before it sells out. Click the button on the right panel or here to enter our online shop.

Event | DYNT Summer Release Party Recap.

This past week the question "Do you believe what you are doing is gonna pay off in the end" came about in a general conversation online. Sitting back thinking "If I were to be asked this question, what would my answer be?" The answer would be "yes" with no hesitation, no questions asked, no but's, no if's, just a plain and simple"Yes". We believe in the statement, "Hard Work Pays Off" & it has shown to be true so far. This past Saturday marked our first outbreak season as "DYNT" after a rebrand. As we sat back and looked at the new Summer Season, we were completely satisfied. Every single shirt was printed by hand to result in a more rewarding feeling when purchased. After spending 4 long days straight in the warehouse printing up the product & tags for the release we were ready to share it with the world.


By 7 o' clock our facility began to fill up & our good friends from Bumstead's Bike shop brought out some obstacles for our local cyclists & skate rats to shred!

By nightfall the shop had reached a great capacity inside & outside & product began to move out. The level of support that was shown was great, we thank you all.

IMG_9714 copy
Shout out to our Interns, they worked like crazy at the event, & Aly made us cupcakes.

We didn't take many photos inside because our staff stayed busy but we did have a photobooth. Check out some pics below & view the rest here!

IMG_9622 copy

IMG_9705 copy

IMG_9623 copy

IMG_9617 copy

IMG_9586 copy

IMG_9629 copy

We also want to thank everyone who came out, purchased, chilled, or event contemplated coming to our event. You are appreciated & we have even bigger plans for the future.