Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Hundred's 8th Anniversary

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Whether you like them or not, The industry titans known as The Hundreds are 2 years away of staying in one of the top spots in streetwear. We got an invite to their friends & family 8 Anniversary Party. Check out some pictures below:

IMG_0830 copy

Despite being swarmed with supporters & friends with congrats, we got a chance to sneak in some small talk with Bobby. He has always been a humble, down to earth dude.

IMG_0763 copy

Bridget Blonde, enough said.

IMG_0744 copy

Free Drinks & Free Pabst Pins!

IMG_0711 copy

Hey look it's Nelson! Needless to say we go back, but he has a brand CLSC with the homie Josh. Check them out!

IMG_0767 copy

IMG_0837 copy

Perfect Pin Placement

IMG_0820 copy

Gutter Life Pin Placement.

IMG_0754 copy

Rollin some dice in the shop.

IMG_0729 copy

good crowd, good people, good vibes....

IMG_0746 copy

I'm gonna wrap this blog post up with this picture of Travis. Wanna see the rest of the pics, head over to our Facebook & Click the "Like" Button.

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