Saturday, July 23, 2011

Snaps | These Kids are NOT alright.


By now every has had to have a couple of "Summer Happenings" to reminisce about when September comes around. This weeks "snaps" blog comes from our "summer days" with DYNT. Come hang on the block with us sometime, Mon-Sat 1p-7p. Make sure you check the rest of our lifestyle pics that will be posted on our new Tumblr Page! Follow us & Enjoy.

IMG_9887 copy

IMG_9894 copy

IMG_9892 copy

IMG_9891 copy

IMG_9883 copy

IMG_9782 copy

IMG_9771 copy

IMG_9750 copy

IMG_9755 copy

IMG_9747 copy

IMG_6508 copy

IMG_6505 copy

IMG_6506 copy

IMG_9838 copy

IMG_0123 copy

IMG_0020 copy

IMG_0091 copy

IMG_0082 copy

IMG_0008 copy

IMG_0035 copy

IMG_0028 copy


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