Friday, July 1, 2011

Snaps | Manny Mania


Last week we dropped by Active for the Manny Mania Prelims to support some homies. It was great to see some old friends still skating & making it out there. Check out some pics below.

Danny Montoya came out to support & rep the new board company "BLVD." Had a great phone convo this dude, really down to earth dude. Look for something in the works in the future.

Damar works with Heel Bruise, good caching up with him as well.

Thank you "Based Tyler" for the burgers!

Me & Daniel (Espinoza) go waaaaaaaaaaay back. I still have footage this dude when he did hurricane on this car lot rail in the pouring rain at age 14, guess you can say all his hard work is paying off now that he's been on tour with Lakai & Cliche.

Here's a quick message from him.

This is Daniel's car, I told him we can race anytime & he's all for it.

Custom water bottles for summer?

The course was chill, the sun was hot, overall a chill day with some old friends.


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