Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Very Rare Project | 424 Fairfax

424 Fairfax is one of the more higher end spots on Fairfax, it's held down by Guillermo (photo above).
It is the home of K&G & Sneaker Crowns, which exude quality & original jewelry for individuals & their footwear.  If you ever met or shared words with Guillermo, then you know he's one of the most down to earth & fashionable dudes on the block.  This is probably one of the most unique ways to use a Very Rare tees. 

Does this guy look familiar? This is Tony, he worked with us on a Summer Internship & is responsible for the infamous "Gutter Life" concept.  He is making big moves with 424 & his brand Gaws, you can catch him holding down the shop most of the time.

Aleali May, was in town from Chicago, she also is making some major moves in the industry right now.  

& This is Gabe, not updating his blog & holding expensive ass pillows.  Crazy how I live with this dude & he still lags.

Very Rare

Also Very Rare.

X.O Anyone?


Snaps | City of Angels


Photos by: Mateo

Where Are You DYNT!?

I know recently we have been slow with posts, that's because we have been laying low and working hard on some things.  Sometimes its well needed to just take a break and give yourself some time to rejuvenate in this world full of creators.  So where do we start, well...... let's start off with the above; The Very Rare Tee was not supposed to be released alone but only as an added to the iphone case package.  We placed a limited amount online for the people who don't use iphones, (the 10% of you left in the world or what it seems like).  They sold out in less than 48 hrs, & now your chances of getting your hands on the tee for the rest of summer is slim to none......UNLESS! You know the right person/people, there is still a chance to get your hands on one or there's a few iphone packages left..  We have some more product in store for  everyone coming soon... We are back to work.

Post by: Mateo

MLCS x PNCINTL feat. Jimmy Gorecki

Creative visuals from our boy Rob featuring the Peas & Carrots crew & Jimmy Gorecki.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Very Rare Tee (Blk/Wht) Quickstrike Release Now Available

We have been getting a lot of emails about non-Iphone users trying to get their hands on a "Very Rare" Tee.  Here's your chance, for the next 48 hrs they will be available on our Online Shop... If they sell out before the 48 hours are up, there went your chance.... It's not called the "Very Rare" tee for nothing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Nike 3x3 Tournament

Last week Mateo and I were invited to play for Black Scale in the Nike 3x3 Tournament at the Montalban in Hollywood. Many local brands also joined the rooftop tourney; UNDFTD, Blends, CRSVR, New Era, Diamond, Platinum Motorsports, Legends Barbershop, Johnny Cupcakes and more. The event was for us to test out the new Nike Hyperdunk+ coming out ($250 - Pic below). It was cool meeting new people and hooping with them. Even though we didn't take home the win, we did take home some nice gifts. Thanks Nike!

Here's some pictures from the event...

Visuals also by Mateo Berry & Alejandra Ramos.

- Gabe

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Midnight Release I Very Rare iPhone Case & Tee

The Very Rare Project started last month & will be announced later this summer but as for the tee that has been seen around, it was unreleased in 3 color ways.  The plan was to never release to public but we decided to be generous & release a package with our new Laser Engraved 100% Bamboo wood iphone case including the black/white version of the tee, & stickers.  The package releases online tonight at Midnight ET at our Online Shop.  The packages are limited in numbers, & will come with a numbered Authenticity Card.  Make sure you head to our online shop & lock one down tonight before they are all gone.

Don't be the one that feels dumb after they sell out...


Friday, July 13, 2012

Kore Collection Debut

Our Retailer Kore is having a event this Saturday in celebration of their remodeled store & collection debut.  Come out & show them some love, pick up some DYNT while you are there.

Bent Life x Oak Life

It's always good seeing homies doing something productive in the industry, we had to make sure we dropped by the Bent Life x Oak Life Collab party at 72 North in Pasadena.  I just recently met Ernie of Oak, they have a solid operation running over there, always good to meet new people doing the same thing we love. As far as those other Kooks!  I used to skate with Anf & the Bent Life crew back in the days at the OG Fontana Skatepark, good to see that they have now become good industry homies as well.  The party was crazy, when I say crazy i mean, the fire marshall had to come out type of crazy. Enjoy some pics below:

Post By Mateo

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Videos | Made It In America Party

Events | Made It In America Party from HWPO on Vimeo.

Now that you have seen all the pictures, heres some footage of our rager last week.  


Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Type Of Party | MIIA Photo Recap

When you throw one hell of a rager & take over 800 photos of the festivities, you really won't know where to begin.  This past Sunday we threw our first "Made It In America" House Party in celebration of Independence Day & the release of the MIIA Capsule Collection (Available Now). We opened up the gates at 2pm and raged all the way through the late night! 

The Made It In America Tee is available Online Now. If you happened the get your hands on this colorway, consider yourself lucky.  This colorway was created distinctly for our party go-ers, you might think twice before skipping another DYNT Event.

We spent hundreds on making sure the bar was fully stocked for everyone to enjoy with a variety of drinks, we must have estimated perfectly, we ran out of drinks in the last hour.  

I seen a lot of different "Fuck Tradition" Hats around the party, perfect for the day.

Pierre came all the way from The Bay to rage with the DYNT Crew, I don't know what Gabe was cheesin' about.

Loni, on the right came from Arizona to celebrate!

AC, the kid has been on his grind lately.

Episode came and spun a guest set, he always keeps parties live.

JR is a boss, you will notice he snuck his way into a lot of photos or maybe the camera just liked him.  Wezzie doing what he does best, flippin the bird.

Genevieve! (The Crimes).... Update your blog!


Hey it's Brenda!

Some of these dudes were from Arizona too.

No seriously, BENT LIFE!

You get the picture!

Dilla P, drunken smiles.

Hey Erin!

With the Gummy Bears on the bottom...

Rob (MLCS Co.) rolled through! 

Mr. Masinas

Wezzie had his Red, White, & Blue.


Have you downloaded Hyperaktive's Mix from the party!? If you haven't click here!

Very Rare, Danni Rouge.  Speaking of the infamous "Very Rare" Tee, we have a surprise release coming out this week, stay tuned!

Always good to see the Extended Fam at all the events!

Girls kissing Girls..... 

Jeremy, has supported us for a long time, it's about that time he gets some blog love.

OG's right here, expect big things to come for the rest of this year.

Bobbito (ATNX) rolled through!

JR in yet another photo.


Ale's nails matched my shoes.

Soon as the sun set, it got really wild.

Oh how proud I am of my roommates.

Chase said the flash was too bright as he took another sip of his High Life.

The crew from our retailer, Kore California came out.

Made It.

Perceps is up next, he definitely turned the party up!  Look out for the video soon.

Turn Up!

We through one hell of a party, make sure you are at the next one.

More Photos Available Here, Make sure you tag #DYNT & #MIIA.

Photos by:
Mateo Berry
Gabe Masinas

Post By Mateo.