Monday, August 29, 2011

DYNT Fall Preview | All Rights Deserved.


Stay on the lookout for more previews, DYNT Fall releases 9.17.11 at DYNT Gallery, featuring the re-opening of the shop & a whole new season. We will be having a event from 6-10 so don't miss out & be the first to pickup some threads before they sell out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

" Quote of the Day "

“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves -- to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today.”

Stewart B Johnson

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tune in Tuesday's

This song is captivating, moving, mentally visual and addicting but words can only explain so much. It's called " The Suburbs" By: Mr. Little Jeans. The way this song was put together, almost seem's perfect. The tempo, the snare's, the extra sounds through out the beat are amazing. I wouldn't doubt the individual who created this was on some type of drug, Lol. I'm just saying. This is one of those songs you can have sex to, chill to, smoke to, play at an upscale party, anything, just something. I recently discovered this song is a cover to The Suburbs By: Arcade Fire, not to downplay there song but Mr. Little Jeans killed it.

Thanks for tuning in, I'm always down for new music so leave a comment and it'll probably make the list if I enjoy it. Till next week, DUECES.

Do you not them

Saturday, August 20, 2011

" Quote of the Day"

"Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears."

Richard Wilkins

Friday, August 19, 2011

P.S. | Public Statement. |

So it seems that this video has caused a lil controversy in the twitter world today. We have been so busy prepping for a lot of upcoming events that we have been a lil slow on the blog posts for the past 12 days. As you can see yesterday we did a lil catching up with post of happenings from two weeks prior even longer. Well, here comes the good stuff; We posted this video yesterday, the video file was done a couple days prior along with all the recent snaps posts, etc. Another brand dropped their summer recap video and it happened to be the same song a day or so prior, pure coincidence. We were informed by a supporter that this became a major issue & we understand that we are a business and we need to keep things professional at times so we decided to make public statement from the brand to you:

"We understand the power of a coincidence happening, DYNT in no way, or how copied, duplicated, or intended to reproduce any person(s), group, or companies product, video, photo, etc. We understand that there is room for inspiration but in this case this was a pure coincidence & nothing more."

We understand an "outsider's looking in" perspective, seriously. This reminds me of when I was 15 putting out skate video parts on the hunt for the next best song to be the first & only to put it on my part. I also remember how mad I was to know that someone released a part with the same song. This is where maturity comes in, I understood that a song newly released is bound to have 30+ videos with the same song in the background, am I to chase them all down as well? It happens people, chill out.

On another note while we are on the subject, The song was "N*gga's in Paris" by Kanye & Jay-Z off of their newly released "Watch the Throne". The beat was produced by Hit Boy, he reigns from our very own neighborhood so we wanted to extend the support for his accomplishments, Much respect to him as well.

Now on to another update! Hopefully this isn't a coincidence as well, If you have dropped by the shop in the last week you probably walked up to a window display that looks a little like this:


We have completely sold out of Summer, next time you shouldn't sleep. But that's not the reason we are closed, we are upgrading the shop for the rest of this month in preparation of DYNT Fall Release & the Re-Opening of a newly upgraded office. We are also developing better hours that are more consistent along with employees to keep the shop open on a daily basis. We want to make sure everything is perfect going into our 1 yr Anniversary. But If you know us, we don't like talking about it, we just like doing it. We were a little busy this week so this blog post should have been posted the day the sign and window went up. We apologize if you drove any distance to the shop and left with a disappointment.


The shop is closed to public "drop-in's" but it will be open on a "Appointment Only" basis. If you want to drop by for any inquiries, sales, etc. Call our office at (909) 218-7566 or Email; Info@DoYouNotThem.com to set up a meeting to come by the office. Everyone keep grinding...

It stands for "Do You, Not Them" for a reason...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Edits | Summer's Last Days

By now, if you haven't been satisfied with your summer this year, we feel bad for you son. There's always next year kids! we can't say the same for us, this summer has topped every summer prior whether if is was all the partying we did, or all the good business & moves we made.... This summer has been one for DYNT's record books. We bring you our 3rd and final "Summer Montage" for the month of August. The video includes a lot of cameo's including Police Officers from 3 diff county's (Middle Finger), The Euro Jerks, Anwar Washington (Peas & Carrots) , Bobby & Ben (The Hundreds), Mega (Black Scale), Rob (Malicious Skates), Spoety (Deadline), DUMA (ETRNLST), Bridget Blonde (The Blonde Locks), Ron (Primitive) & many more friends along with locations such as The Hundred's 8th Anniversary, Agenda, Westchester Berrics Park, DYNT Post Agenda Party, Black Scale La Brea, Ladies Love Summer Jamz, The Trap House & More....


Local's Only/Snaps | Pico to La Brea

IMG_2475 copy

The past week we spent numerous days around the city to for a couple meetings, networking & of course to chill with the homies. First stop was Pico's very own, The Trap House. We dropped by here to talk with Anwar about a couple projects including shooting his "WDYWT" Segment which is coming soon.

IMG_2474 copy

IMG_2471 copy

Sneak Peek Gutter Life Raglan.

IMG_2476 copy

Trap House
4948 Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

IMG_2493 copy

We spent a couple days at the recently opened, Black Scale La Brea location working on a project with Mega along side with Melloe Won.

IMG_2497 copy

This store is put together well, with a clean and simplistic aesthetic with very graphic & bold visuals to complete it's look.

IMG_2499 copy

IMG_2596 copy

Mega has a lot of knowledge & experience in this industry and being able to work with & hear his stories was pretty chill. We respect the boldness he has to produce the darker graphics in this industry, we got a chance to peep out what's in store for future seasons be on the look out. Shout out to Mega & his crew, definitely laid back dudes that showed us love, it is appreciated.

IMG_2561 copy

On a Side Note, I was contemplating jacking Berto for his salad while we were waiting for Mega on the block.

IMG_2558 copy

Melloe Won , business as usual.

IMG_2568 copy

IMG_2500 copy

La Brea has been stamped.

IMG_2491 copy

Black Scale
428 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

IMG_2658 copy

This is a rooftop shot from Melrose's Brooklyn Projects Location. We dropped by to end the day right with a ramp session.

IMG_2654 copy

New artwork done by the legendary Chad Muska including a couple other artists.

IMG_2652 copy

I'm sure this is one of Dom's favorite possessions, This isn't open to the public, you gonna have to know somebody important to get back here.

IMG_2668 copy

IMG_2622 copy

Mateo managed to get a couple stunts in, this Nollie Backside Disaster came easy. DO IT ON THE EXTENSION NEXT TIME!

IMG_2623 copy

Melloe putting it down for the older fellas!

IMG_2629 copy

You may remember this lil guy from The Hundreds recent video with Dom... he insisted I introduce him as "lil D" the kid is reckless with his words....

IMG_2637 copy

Red Handed...

IMG_2665 copy

Don't blink or you might miss it, Benihana fakie 5 feet out the coping. "Lil D"

IMG_2677 copy

Melrose is one of best streets to chill on the block and just stress people out, some of the finest women, & left field weirdos you can find lurk this street.

Brooklyn Projects
7427 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

IMG_2678 copy

Do we still have your attention? Let's wrap this up with a picture of Melloe schoolin' Wezzie about pushing Mongo... Thats a definitely a "No No", if you don't know, better hop on google before you step on a board saying you skate.


RECAP | Ladies Love Summer Jamz

Last week we made an appearance in Hollywood for the "Ladies Love Summer Jamz" Event & Concert with our good friend Stevie Crooks Headlining. He opened up talking shit to the crowd including the random broad yelling "put on some house music". Funny that he told me he was gonna talk shit before he got on stage. Performing some of his newer work, he lyrically killed it, not to mention is was wearing our red "Gutter Life" tee. We recommend that you don't sleep on him. The diverse crowd showed us a lot of love, maybe it was our hood display, or the posters we posted all over the place..... enjoy:

IMG_2244 copy

IMG_2227 copy

IMG_2230 copy

Shout out to big Noa James...

IMG_2257 copy
Walked in the bathroom & seen this... had to snap one.
Gutter Life.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Quote of The Day"

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tune in Tuesday's / Quick Update

We haven't posted an update on our blog for about a week now. Fortunately we've been very busy working and planning for Fall '11. We recently closed the store for about a month, we are going to be doing a little remodeling, so the next time your come into the shop it will be filled with many items. We would also like to Thank everyone who has been supporting our brand and keeping our lifestyle afloat. On a side note, we have some new music for you guys out there. Mateo and I have been continuously playing this guy on an everyday bases at the shop and on the road. He goes by " ASAP Rocky " from Harlem. Here's one of his videos, check him out.

Until then, Do You Not Them and hopefully we'll see you at our next event.

Thanks Again,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snaps | Agenda Day 1


Agenda Day 1 was full of great new, good people, & a lot of great product to go around. The most inspiring thing about Agenda is everyone's business mindsets at the event, every time we go we learn something new. We will have some announcements soon enough but for now enjoy some pictures:


The view of the beach from the Courtyard


don't ask...


Good sitting down and talking with Anwar, he was one of the lucky twelve to go home with a Limited Color "Gutter Life" tee.


Go follow his Photo Blog... Now, like right now!


Anf, & Ricky Webb are some long time skate friends... Happy Birthday Ricky!


Bobby Hundreds also took home 1 of the twelve limited tees, him & Wezzie had a nice invigorating talk about wrestling below.


Joyce caught up with us from The Blonde Locks.


Ken from Crooks showed us their new SE Collab which is clean as hell, I told him to let me know 3 weeks in advanced so I can save!


The BBQ was packed, free food, & good people.


Check out Wezzie's double over there.


This was one of the lines for the BBQ in the courtyard.


More Pics of Day 2 to come.