Thursday, August 18, 2011

RECAP | Ladies Love Summer Jamz

Last week we made an appearance in Hollywood for the "Ladies Love Summer Jamz" Event & Concert with our good friend Stevie Crooks Headlining. He opened up talking shit to the crowd including the random broad yelling "put on some house music". Funny that he told me he was gonna talk shit before he got on stage. Performing some of his newer work, he lyrically killed it, not to mention is was wearing our red "Gutter Life" tee. We recommend that you don't sleep on him. The diverse crowd showed us a lot of love, maybe it was our hood display, or the posters we posted all over the place..... enjoy:

IMG_2244 copy

IMG_2227 copy

IMG_2230 copy

Shout out to big Noa James...

IMG_2257 copy
Walked in the bathroom & seen this... had to snap one.
Gutter Life.

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