Friday, April 29, 2011

On the Block | Brian's Bug


Travis is a part of a European Car Club, so we get some pretty clean cars droppin by the shop. This is Brian's swagged out VW Bug. He told us he built this one from the ground up, pretty clean huh?



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Customer Appreciation This Sunday!


Come out to the DYNT Gallery this Sunday we will be Opening Up for our Customer Appreciation Day & Closeout Sale! All Products in the shop will be on sale. Including the BP x Labels x DYNT Collaboration Tee. The "Hard Work Pays Off" Lifestyle Photo Exhibit will be up just in case you missed out on it at Brooklyn Projects. We will be playing music, serving some hot dogs & burgers on the block so make sure you come out!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

InHabited Store Opening

We over here at DYNT support our ladies over at Inhabited. If there isn't anything on your schedule, come and chill with us at there new shop.

Friday, April 22, 2011


We are giving back & we are WINNING!
Come out and support, free entree with donation of school supply!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Event Recap | Brooklyn Projects Pasadena Collaboration Tee Release & Photo Exhibit

The Brooklyn Projects Collaboration Event was a success, Thank you to everyone that cam out and supported. It was a beautiful sunset in Pasadena off Colorado Blvd. to kick off the event. The photos came out great, the Exhibit will run through May 1st, so drop by Brooklyn Projects Pasadena if you are in the area and check it out. The collaboration tee is now available online & in-store at both DYNT & BP Pasadena. Check out some pics below:

Just another sunny afternoon in Pasadena

Patt showing proper BP grip technique.

The Masses came through & showed love, check thier blog post here

Mateo & Dirty!

DJ Big Rick & his partner had the music on lock

Mandee Guns came through, always good to see her!

Erika & our lovely bartender Danni have a MEAN MUG <-- ahh see what I did right there!?

Miss Hawkins & some of her students from La Sierra High came to the exhibit.

Melloe always one step ahead, he dropped the White Labels Watch, & already sportin' the red sample!

Ok caption contest time, Give us your best caption & score a tee! Info@doyounotthem.com

The ladies came to support

Ian came through & supplied us with jokes the whole night!

Another Packed House!

Shop Locals | Josh


We are organizing our blog for new features to make it more interactive. One of our new features will be our "Locals Only" Section, featuring supporters that come through the shop, or show their love & support. We start the section with Josh, 17, a high school student, & fixie rider. You may remember him because 2 weeks prior to opening our office in Ontario he came to our "Opening Event". He loved what our brand stood for so much that he got our logo tattooed on his leg. Him and his crew come by often & challenge Mateo to a game of S.K.A.T.E. they are yet to come out victorious.

On a side note: ABOVE he is wearing the Brooklyn Projects Event DYNT x Labels Collab Tee. This tee is now available online and in-store for those who wasn't able to make it! Make sure you pick one up!


Nick's Birthday Beat Down!

It was Nick's Birthday so at midnight we gave him a good ole fashion Birthday Beatdown!
Happy Birthday Nick!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today is the Day! Brooklyn Projects Pasadena


It's been a hectic two weeks prepping for this Event but it is finally here! Brooklyn Projects, Labels, DYNT, & Mateo Berry present "Hard Work Pays Off". It is a In-store Event, Collaboration tee release, & Photo exhibit by our very own Mateo. You won't want to miss this event, there will be an open bar, DJ, a lot of product releasing like the White Labels Watch.
The event is at BP Pasadena from 6p-10p. The store looks great, Mateo went down last night to set up at Brooklyn Projects. Heres a couple pics below:


See them tonight.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

BP x DYNT x Labels x MB Event Collaboration Tees are In!


The Brooklyn Projects Collaboration Event Tees designed by Mateo have been delivered & they look great. The tee will be available on Saturday at the event as well as other DYNT Product. Make sure you pick one up they are limited in numbers. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Limited Playoff Collection.


Rather you like it or not you have to accept that the Los Angeles Lakers have been a powerful force for the last decade. After the Lakers 102-93 victory over the San Antonio Spurs tonight we decided to pay homage to our hometown heroes. We chose the "Traditions Tee" to promo for playoffs which kick off April 16th; The same day as the Brooklyn Projects Collaboration Event. They will be available that day in limited quantities, we also will be placing them online this weekend in 3 different colors. We will be running these tees through playoffs so make sure you purchase one before they disappear. If you are a "Laker Hater", pick it up anyway... the colorways are clean.

"We Don't Follow Tradition We Choose Our Own Path to Success"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hooters & Wrestlemania

Ok I know this post is a week late but we had to throw a blog post out there for Wezzie. He is a avid wrestling fan & we told him we'd go with him to watch Wrestlemania XXVII. If you are ever into wrestling hit up Wezzie, he knows every day fun fact there is. The day was enjoyed over a big order of wings & of course some enjoyable hooters.

Oh & he tweets a lot & eats tater tots, follow him.

The Rock Says.....

50 wings

We told the waitress it was Big Robs Birthday. She made him a hat, he returned the love by grabbing her boob lol (It was on accident but funny nonetheless)

No Shame Rob!?

Until next year....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why The F**k Not Party?!

Come out and support our good friends over at LionLike MindState for there 3 year anniversary party. It will be held at The Fox Theatre in Pomona, this Friday. Hopefully we'll catch you up there.

EVENT | Labels x DYNT x Brooklyn Projects | Hard Work Pays Off


While I am sitting here contemplating what to write for this post all I can really think of is "hard work truly pays off." Five years ago you would have found me camping out in front of the original Brooklyn Projects off Melrose on the hunt for the newest pair of sneakers. I've always looked up to shops like this while having dreams of entering this industry. I would stop by their shop often while in the area, but would have never thought that I would be doing a collaboration event with the same people 5 years later. I am honored to introduce & invite you to "Hard Work Pays Off", A Lifestyle Photo Exhibit & Event. The title best explains the meaning behind it. The heads over at BP & Labels came to me to do this event,Big shout out to Melloe Won, we truly appreciate the consideration. The event will consist of a small photo exhibit, a LIMITED COLLABORATION T-Shirt, music, giveaways, drinks, & good times. This event means a great deal to me personally as well as my team. The event will be located at Brooklyn Projects Pasadena, so all of our LA friends have no excuses. Make sure you come out, chill with us, & take some pics!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Website Updated | Shop Pics


The DYNT Main Site has been updated with more features in the "gallery" section, as well as a new "Online Shop" layout. Make sure you check out the new shop progress pics below. The shop is slowly coming together, not quite where we want it to be yet, but well on it's way.