Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Limited Playoff Collection.


Rather you like it or not you have to accept that the Los Angeles Lakers have been a powerful force for the last decade. After the Lakers 102-93 victory over the San Antonio Spurs tonight we decided to pay homage to our hometown heroes. We chose the "Traditions Tee" to promo for playoffs which kick off April 16th; The same day as the Brooklyn Projects Collaboration Event. They will be available that day in limited quantities, we also will be placing them online this weekend in 3 different colors. We will be running these tees through playoffs so make sure you purchase one before they disappear. If you are a "Laker Hater", pick it up anyway... the colorways are clean.

"We Don't Follow Tradition We Choose Our Own Path to Success"


Anonymous said...

on your website which is the purp/gold one? is it the purple shirt with gold lettering? I want to be sure because I want to buy the purple shirt

Do You Not Them said...

yes the first color is the color of the tee.. the second its the print.

Jessica said...

Do you sell them at your place in Ontario?

Do You Not Them said...

Yes we do Jessica, we are having a sale this Sunday too!