Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snaps | 2011 Recap Pt.1

Another year has come to a successful end, & now it's time to look back on the past. Throughout this past year we have matured as a brand, thrown some epic events, met some great people, & made a solid name for ourselves. Lets go over some of our 2011 Memories:



Individual Vs. Society Ali Tee: I'm sure a majority of our newer supporters have never seen this shirt or heard about it. This shirt was definitely released before it's time, we don't re-release much but the design may have another chance to shine again in 2012, but if you got one of the 1st release, cherish it.


The Fuck Tradition Snapback: This snapback made an entrance this past Fall & has caught everyone's eyes whether they liked it or not. We aren't afraid to express how we feel through our product so considering this slogan is our 1st Commandment, you can plan on seeing more of this in the near future.

IMG_9797 copy

All Rights Deserved Hoodie: This was our first hoodie to ever be released & it did quite well for itself, with its strong slogan "All Right DESERVED". This will be available for purchase in a couple colorways coming to a store near you.


Duck Crewnecks: This crewneck has become a sought out DYNT product, it sold out in-store in 2 days, if you want to get your hands on one, theres only a handful left available Online Only.


Magic/S.L.A.T.E. 2011

panorama copy

MAGIC/S.L.A.T.E. 2011 in both February & August was our first few times attending the show with our brand, Las Vegas is the perfect home for such a show. Great Networking, great experience, even better parties & now that we got the feel of it, you can expect a lot more from us in the new year.

IMG_4308 copy

IMG_7702 copy

We ventured out with the twins

IMG_4453 copy

IMG_4312 copy



LA's very own Brooklyn Projects hosted a photo exhibit at their shop for Mateo, we also dropped a collaboration tee that day.




IMG_0771 copy

Last summer was dubbed the craziest summer ever by everyone on the crew, we threw a pool party in the 107 degree weather. Free hot dogs & burgers including free shirts & shredding our mini ramp intoxicated!

canon (1 of 1) copy


IMG_5921 copy

We have thrown many events this year at our shop in Ontario & they have never failed to be epic. Events ranging from our product releases, collabs, listening party, pop up shops, & more! Everyone knows DYNT can throw a party.

IMG_5893 copy

IMG_0286 copy

IMG_5762 copy

IMG_0211 copy



In 2011 we met a lot of ill industry friends, whether it was sharing words, working alongside, collaborating, introducing, even shooting.

IMG_2130 copy



IMG_4814 copy

IMG_9788 copy

IMG_0830 copy

IMG_6498 copy


IMG_7501 copy


IMG_7344 copy

IMG_4615 copy

IMG_4654 copy

IMG_6698 copy

IMG_8388 copy

IMG_8217 copy

IMG_1580 copy

IMG_7543 copy

IMG_7611 copy


IMG_4619 copy

IMG_4838 copy

There's plenty more that I haven't got a chance to get to, but I definitely gotta wrap this up.... but we can't forget Mr. Swag Is Dead Himself!:

IMG_7558 copy

Post to be continued....

DYNT Commandments | #3 "Stay Genuine"


This past week we were featured on Swag Syndicate's "Top 5 Brands to look out for in 2012". This was the perfect way to close out our first year after the rebrand, & we plan on upholding to that standard going into the new year. Which brings us to our 3rd Commandment, "Stay Genuine". We continue to make sure that anything we do related to the brand is 100% genuine, whether it be our product, visuals, future collaborations, etc. Over the past year we have found this to be very important to our brand & the relationships we build. When it comes to DYNT Product, we produce garments that we genuinely like & appreciate, we don't plan on over saturating the market with product that we think will sell just to sell off gimmicks. Everything we do is a complete reflection of our crew & what we are into. When it comes to future collaborations, or even our stockist, we plan on building relationships before doing business just so it is authentic & not just strictly business. So next time you plan on making that next move, whatever it may be, make sure it's GENUINE for 2012.

ShayLA for DYNT



Friday, December 23, 2011

Snaps | 1 Year has passed & now we toast!

IMG_1441 copy

This picture is from 12.18.10 After the power finally came on at our grand opening 1 Year Ago.
On Sunday, 12.18.11, we hosted a in-store party at our shop to celebrate 1 Full Year since the eventful grand opening of our shop & new rebrand. A lot has changed in progressed since we opened these doors, but one thing remains the same, the amount of love and support has always been there since day 1. We want to thank everyone who came out & showed love at the shop, any of our events, ordered online, or even just past some kind words our way.

IMG_1728 copy

1 Year Later & still a packed house of family, friends, supporters, & new acquaintances. Enjoy some of the picture below:

IMG_1698 copy

Everybody's Rival Collaboration 1 Yr Anniversary Shirt

IMG_1679 copy

IMG_1681 copy

Sunny & Trav

IMG_1668 copy

Sneak Peek at the 1 Yr Hoodie!

IMG_1652 copy

There was a lot of brew to go around.

IMG_1651 copy

IMG_1645 copy

Erik has held us down since day 1, Follow Him!

IMG_1635 copy

Congrats to Maria & Trey, they have a baby on the way! DYNT Kids 2012'

IMG_1744 copy

Uncle V came by and blessed the shop again, we have footage coming soon.

IMG_1757 copy

Weez & Linda

IMG_1739 copy


IMG_1735 copy

The biggest lil dude in the building, JR.

IMG_1734 copy

Rianna has been around since day 1 as well! Thank you for all the love!

IMG_1704 copy

Oh boy!

IMG_1706 copy


IMG_1701 copy

IMG_1703 copy

IMG_1682 copy

Zay came through with the XX

IMG_1678 copy

Hyperactive is one ill DJ

IMG_1687 copy

IMG_1674 copy

You know it's not a blog post, if I don't throw 1 picture of Big Rob in the mix!

IMG_1667 copy

Linda & Danni have held us down all year plus some... shout out to both of these lovely ladies.

IMG_1661 copy


IMG_1646 copy

IMG_1644 copy

It's a celebration bitches!

IMG_1649 copy

Make sure you pick up one of our limited collaboration Anniversary tees before it's too late, available online & in-store while supplies last.