Friday, December 23, 2011

Snaps | 1 Year has passed & now we toast!

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This picture is from 12.18.10 After the power finally came on at our grand opening 1 Year Ago.
On Sunday, 12.18.11, we hosted a in-store party at our shop to celebrate 1 Full Year since the eventful grand opening of our shop & new rebrand. A lot has changed in progressed since we opened these doors, but one thing remains the same, the amount of love and support has always been there since day 1. We want to thank everyone who came out & showed love at the shop, any of our events, ordered online, or even just past some kind words our way.

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1 Year Later & still a packed house of family, friends, supporters, & new acquaintances. Enjoy some of the picture below:

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Everybody's Rival Collaboration 1 Yr Anniversary Shirt

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IMG_1681 copy

Sunny & Trav

IMG_1668 copy

Sneak Peek at the 1 Yr Hoodie!

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There was a lot of brew to go around.

IMG_1651 copy

IMG_1645 copy

Erik has held us down since day 1, Follow Him!

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Congrats to Maria & Trey, they have a baby on the way! DYNT Kids 2012'

IMG_1744 copy

Uncle V came by and blessed the shop again, we have footage coming soon.

IMG_1757 copy

Weez & Linda

IMG_1739 copy


IMG_1735 copy

The biggest lil dude in the building, JR.

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Rianna has been around since day 1 as well! Thank you for all the love!

IMG_1704 copy

Oh boy!

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IMG_1701 copy

IMG_1703 copy

IMG_1682 copy

Zay came through with the XX

IMG_1678 copy

Hyperactive is one ill DJ

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IMG_1674 copy

You know it's not a blog post, if I don't throw 1 picture of Big Rob in the mix!

IMG_1667 copy

Linda & Danni have held us down all year plus some... shout out to both of these lovely ladies.

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IMG_1646 copy

IMG_1644 copy

It's a celebration bitches!

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Make sure you pick up one of our limited collaboration Anniversary tees before it's too late, available online & in-store while supplies last.

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