Saturday, December 31, 2011

DYNT Commandments | #3 "Stay Genuine"


This past week we were featured on Swag Syndicate's "Top 5 Brands to look out for in 2012". This was the perfect way to close out our first year after the rebrand, & we plan on upholding to that standard going into the new year. Which brings us to our 3rd Commandment, "Stay Genuine". We continue to make sure that anything we do related to the brand is 100% genuine, whether it be our product, visuals, future collaborations, etc. Over the past year we have found this to be very important to our brand & the relationships we build. When it comes to DYNT Product, we produce garments that we genuinely like & appreciate, we don't plan on over saturating the market with product that we think will sell just to sell off gimmicks. Everything we do is a complete reflection of our crew & what we are into. When it comes to future collaborations, or even our stockist, we plan on building relationships before doing business just so it is authentic & not just strictly business. So next time you plan on making that next move, whatever it may be, make sure it's GENUINE for 2012.

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