Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Delivery #1 Lookbook

This holiday season has been quite busy, we dropped a lot at one time like a new site, doc, & a store! Now we present to you our Delivery #1 Lookbook & quick vid. DON'T SLEEP sizes have already sold out. The best part of everything is the fact that there is a delivery #2 including kids and more womens!


Saturday, December 25, 2010


Good friend & supporter Miguel dropped by and gave us a Christmas gift for the shop. A fresh pair of Bapestas from the Bathing Ape Store in NYC. Along with a couple shot glasses to put to use at our bar. I can honestly say that as a company we didn't expect the overwhelming support & sales that we have achieved. Not that we doubted ourselves but due to the fact that we suprisingly popped up shop at the worst possible time of unpredicted bad weather. 7 straight days of downpour did not stop customers coming in and online sales from moving. Heres some cell phone pics below (I promise from now on they will be off the Canon):

Gift Cards at DYNT Gallery

For those who wanna give the perfect gift to someone, or just wasn't able to get a size in a piece DON'T SWEAT. We will have Gift Cards available beginning Monday at the Shop!

Merry Christmas

A Christmas Story is one of those movies we have to watch every christmas.

Merry Christmas World.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pouring Rain, No Power, & A Lot of Support.

IMG_1451 copy

This past Saturday marked the release event of our Holiday Collection Delivery #1, I have to say that this was one of thee most amazing experiences our team has ever had. We had an expected crowd of RSVP's but that was a long shot with this ongoing 5 day storm in the mix but thats not the worst part. Our facilities power went out the night prior as we set up, and it was expected to come on in a couple moments. That didn't happen! We stayed in the dark all the way up to the door opening to our event. Just before we let this get us down, cars rolled in, people came to support, we lit some candles, served some drinks, and waited. This is where things started to look up. Our Uncle V came through and decided to give us a speech in the dark to everyone which than turned into a majority of the room giving speeches about the team and our journey as they witnessed it. The support and love that was shown was amazing, these people stuck around in the dark and silent and spoke highly of us through it all. After these speeches ended we spoke and announced that this was our flagship store and we decided to keep it a secret even off the event flier because we wanted our real supporters to be the first to know. Mid-way through our "thank you's" the power came on and the rest was history, cars rolled in through the rain, our collection pieces moved out the store, drinks were served, & good times were had. I wanna say thank you to everyone who came and stuck with us, you guys are amazing, we have a lot in store for everyone so stick with us. Don't forget to drop by the shop if you are local and pick something up, I can say we are almost sold out so think fast! If you missed the event, don't worry we will be having one every month.

I was moving around a lot and didn't get to snap too many pics.
Enjoy some pics below, the rest are HERE

IMG_1448 copy

IMG_1414 copy
Mike & Nick of LAX2JFK are some true homies, he came through from the south bay! When the Rossi went low he went out and bought some more drinks to serve. Oh yea, he I found me a little leftover gift below!


Now back to event photos!

IMG_1450 copy

IMG_1424 copy

IMG_1423 copy

IMG_1397 copy

IMG_1390 copy

IMG_1366 copy
Uncle V came through and brought us more blessings than we could have ever asked for

IMG_1357 copy

IMG_1374 copy

IMG_1444 copy

Monday, December 20, 2010

DYNT Gallery | DYNT's official HQ Gallery & Flagship.


NO, this isn't a April Fools Joke in the middle of Dec. it's true! We have a shop now, if you watch the doc it will all make sense why we decided to make it our best kept secret. Come through anytime during store ours and cop a piece or two. If not just come hang out with us, make a vid with us, chill on the Red Couch, or come skate our bench!

DYNT Gallery
211 W. Emporia St. Unit #203
Ontario, CA 91762

The ALMOST finished product.

DYNT Gallery
Toygami Collab Donut piece
Holiday Delivery #1
Pieces by Brass

The Beginning | "Behind DYNT"

It's been a long journey for this brand, I don't really have to do a long write up because the doc will answer many questions. HWPO followed us for the last 6 months as we went on a hiatus to rebrand and bring you the best that we could, we did just that. We have opened our local Flagship & Gallery in Downtown Ontario, CA. Enjoy the video & pictures below from the last 6 months.

Start to Finish:
IMG_9813 copy
IMG_9142 copy
IMG_9812 copy
IMG_9924 copy
IMG_9922 copy
IMG_9812 copy
IMG_0010 copy
IMG_0002 copy
IMG_0281 copy
IMG_0280 copy
IMG_0215 copy
IMG_0206 copy
IMG_0204 copy
IMG_0196 copy
IMG_0192 copy