Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Next Week, We are giving back again!

Next week we will be teaming up with 99.1 Kggi featuring the Rejectz for a Celebrity Basketball Game. If you are in the area, come out!

Domo Arigato 411!


Japan stationed 411 Magazine sent us a copy of their magazine to our shop & to our surprise, we are featured in it! They caught up with us at M.A.G.I.C./S.L.A.T.E. in Vegas and snapped some pictures of us. We didn't know why exactly, but from what it looks like they did the "Snap Top 10 Looks". We all happened to be in different categories; Crewneck, Stadium Jacket, & Vest. Big Thanks to 411 over in Japan for the love.

Mateo 411
Mateo (located in center)

Wezzie 411
Weez (located top center)

Travis 411
Trav (located top right)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Le Mondays!

I think everyone or at least Garfield may despise Mondays but for us we use it as a "catch-up" day. We also use Mondays as our main shipping day for those weekend orders. We walked (yes walked!) over to the Post Office today to knock out some shipping & personally send some product out. We have been receiving online product orders from NY, FL, MO, GA, PA, HI, AZ, NV, CT, NJ, IL, & Canada and thats just off the top of my head. We truly appreciated the love from all of our supporters including international orders from Spain & France ...THAT'S LOVE!

Mondays are usually more packed at the Post Office but I guess we came at perfect timing, not complaining at all.

remember those nickelodeon infomercials for random toys that you'd never find in stores and they would say "Send $19.99 to Post Office Box...." It always made me want a P.O. Box when I was a kid.

The proof is in the receipt, if your ordered product from these cities.... it's on it's way! If you ordered from another city don't worry we sent yours too, this was the 2nd receipt.

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Support the Homies" Recap | Photos | Video |

This past Saturday we hosted a event entitled "Support the Homies" at our shop in Ontario. It was an amazing turnout that featured good vibes, good people, good music, an open bar & great product from everyone. We held a Pop-Up for some of our "homie" brands; Labels, Barely Broke, The Daily Life, & ETRNLST. We plan on having more of these Pop-ups with more brands so be on the lookout.

3-19 047

We would have never guessed that this event would have turned out so amazing, we thank each and every one of the 150+ that came out to the event, including ODM of 99.1 Kggi whom we have worked closely with on the 99.1 "SLAM & JAM Celebrity Basketball Tour". Special thanks to all the brands that brought their product, Phillip Matthews & anyone else who took photos, & anyone who participated in our "Many Faces" video. We tried to get everyone but it was just too many people to squeeze in. Enjoy some pictures below, more on our Facebook & Phil's Flickr.

3-19 070

3-19 046

3-19 044

3-19 039

3-19 037

3-19 027
Shout Out the Dauche of The Blurbs for bringing her crew all the way from San Diego. Thanks for the support guys!
3-19 024
Product was moving, Now Available Online.
3-19 062

IMG_0304 copy

IMG_0306 copy

IMG_0288 copy

IMG_0287 copy
Our RAFFLE WINNER went home with a nice care package from all the brands.

More pics on our Facebook & Phil's Flickr.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today is the day!

So today is our event, yesterday we set up with all the brands and talked some biz while strategizing for the event. Its scheduled to rain which is okay with us, that won't stop us from having a great event with great people. The reason why why chose to do this event was to show love to our friend's brands & let people know that it's all love within our industry. We plan on having this type of event frequently with other brands we be-friend or the brands that could not make it. The feedback has been amazing, thank you everyone in advance for the love. We will be open regular business hours at 11am-11pm if you want to drop by and purchase product early or can't make it to the event. We will be giving out free event tees we hand made with purchases over $50. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

The Flier

Labels Brand is Checked In.

Adam of ETRNLST is a one man band, & he helped set up all day!

Michael Morales dropped some of his prints by, check em out!

Darron of Barely Broke crackin jokes with Trav

Although Barely Broke won't be selling, their new lineup is pretty impressive.

Rick of Barely Broke

DYNT Product is in.

Hope to see you all today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DYNT Magic/S.L.A.T.E. Montage

HWPO finally got a chance to send over the montage from Vegas last month. It's a little late but that is due to the "Clientele list" they had to knock out. We work directly with HWPO, If you ever need Video Production/Photoshoots/Graphic/Web Design, ETC... hit them up.

The video consists of DYNT & friends in Vegas at the Magic/S.L.A.T.E. show from Feb 14-17. Showing more of the fun side of the week, who wants to see us talking business for a whole 3 minutes? ENJOY! See you again in August.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jeff gets Slapped

It's been "strictly business" over here at DYNT since opening day & the lack of sleep catches up sometimes. Poor Jeffrey didn't know what he got himself in to....

More to Come!

DYNT Sightings | ODM 99.1 Kggi!

ODM of 99.1 Kggi was caught wearing the DYNT Snapback on a promo video for his new "Bump It or Dump

It" MIXTAPE for his "Voice of Thee IE" website.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Support the Homies Event | March 19th


DYNT Presents "Support the Homies" Pop Up & Art Walk In-Store Event. We will be releasing new product this day along with 2 limited pieces, so make sure you come through before they SELL OUT!

There will be Art, Music, Giveaways, Photography, New DYNT Limited Product Release, Pop Up Shop product from BBi, ETRNLST, Labels, Micheal Morales Photography & More.

Join Us, Good Times Are Always Had at a DYNT Event.
Got Facebook? Feel free to RSVP here.

100k has been reached!

... And a little sooner than we expected. As promised we will have a new blog up next week, the posts will remain but we are switching blog sites. Here is the screenshot from Jeremiah Willis which scored him a free tee! It also marked 100K hits for us. We thank everyone for their constant support & we wont stop giving back! So more contests are on the way!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

100,00 Contest Winners!

Congrats to Malcolm McFarland & Stephen Hung, the winners of our Customer Appreciation Kick Off, Stay updated on the blog, we are gonna be having contests all the way up to 100,000 & beyond! Here's the Answers.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100,000 | One Hundred Thousand


I bet you are asking what the significance of "100,000" is? It will be the number that marks the start of a freshly innovated blog. Ok, but the real reference is that our hit counter will be hitting "100,000" soon. It's on the homestretch & when it hits "100,000" we will be celebrating by giving away promo tees for every 10,000 hits. This blog has been around for awhile, and hasn't really seen many upgrades. But I can say this, it has recorded the beginning to current of the growing up & maturing process of this brand. Although this brand (now known as DYNT) is under a new system and brand image, we will always remember "the DOnUt days". Yes, we no longer go by the former name, we have released it. We grew apart as we moved forward & transitioned into a business. We made the decision that this is something we want to do for the rest of our lives. As a four month old business, we are quite satisfied with our results thus far. To all the friends that came & went, we wish you the best. To all the friends that continue to support, we thank you, and we wont disappoint you.

Now back to this "100,000" talk, If you pay attention to the bottom of the blog & you happen to be our "100,000th" visitor, screenshot it & email it to us for a FREE TEE (Don't try & photoshop it either)! We will continue to give away the rest of these exclusive "100,000" promo tee color ways via liking our Facebook page, & following our Twitter. Just make sure you pay close attention, because we plan on randomly posting these random contest like so, the first person to email Doyounotthem@yahoo.com with the exact number of how many times "100,000" has been wrote in this post will have a tee shipped their way!

Customer Appreciation Begins Now...
Stay Tuned!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

DYNT Sightings

Baby Nolan is gonna be a problem when he gets older.

Dallas just got back from Hawaii & we found this on his Facebook page.

Genesis & Carlos just set their marriage date so first & foremost CONGRATS!
Carlos was spotted with the new "Season Closers" tee along with a D.B.D.C. Snapback.

Email us pics of you in DYNT to DoYouNotThem@yahoo.com

Have you liked our Facebook?


Make sure you go ahead and like our Facebook Page, so you can stay updated with some deals, events, release previews & updates, even special Facebook discounts. Go ahead & click that "Like Button"

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Release Preview


Next week we will be releasing 3 new pieces in store & will be setting aside a couple for the Online Shop. 2 of the pieces including the Ali & O's Choice Monroe Crew will be a "Limited Release." Our flag tee will be a general release but limited in number as well. Enjoy the two preview prints posted, they make good backgrounds as well. Stay Posted for the exact release date next week.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brooklyn Projects x Product Etc.

This past Saturday HWPO & DYNT headed out to Pasadena to support our boy Melloe Won of Brooklyn Projects & Labels. The turnout was great, it ended up being a lot of fun. Enjoy the photos below:

Mateo & Travis

Melloe & Mike (LAX2JFK)

The lovely bartender

Young up & coming skater, Gabriel Salazar

I don't even know if I'm allowed to leak this, but looks like Labels has a white sample floating around that we hope goes into production, you can pick up your flat black Labels watch at our shop!

Weezy the Market Man aka DJ KHALED aka Paul Bearer Swag!

Linda was sporting our secretly released "Season Closers" tee, but don't worry we are remaking some for everyone to get their hands on it. We gonna keep doing secret releases to see who really pays attention to the brand.

The crowd there was pretty diverse, there was a mix of a little bit of everything in the building, which brings my to my next clip:

Apparently a cypher broke out on one side of the shop, which turned a lil heated for these two, this shit is hilarious! Friends don't let friends drink & rap at the wrong place.


(Insert Caption Here)

We gonna start throwing hidden contests in our blog posts, to see who is really paying attention. Free "Season Closers" tee to the person who can give the best caption for the conversation in this picture of Travis & Melloe. Email your caption to Hardwrkpaysoff@yahoo.com, Subject: Caption Contest! Get creative! Winner will get the caption posted on the blog & sent a free "Season Closer" tee.