Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today is the day!

So today is our event, yesterday we set up with all the brands and talked some biz while strategizing for the event. Its scheduled to rain which is okay with us, that won't stop us from having a great event with great people. The reason why why chose to do this event was to show love to our friend's brands & let people know that it's all love within our industry. We plan on having this type of event frequently with other brands we be-friend or the brands that could not make it. The feedback has been amazing, thank you everyone in advance for the love. We will be open regular business hours at 11am-11pm if you want to drop by and purchase product early or can't make it to the event. We will be giving out free event tees we hand made with purchases over $50. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

The Flier

Labels Brand is Checked In.

Adam of ETRNLST is a one man band, & he helped set up all day!

Michael Morales dropped some of his prints by, check em out!

Darron of Barely Broke crackin jokes with Trav

Although Barely Broke won't be selling, their new lineup is pretty impressive.

Rick of Barely Broke

DYNT Product is in.

Hope to see you all today!

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