Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brooklyn Projects x Product Etc.

This past Saturday HWPO & DYNT headed out to Pasadena to support our boy Melloe Won of Brooklyn Projects & Labels. The turnout was great, it ended up being a lot of fun. Enjoy the photos below:

Mateo & Travis

Melloe & Mike (LAX2JFK)

The lovely bartender

Young up & coming skater, Gabriel Salazar

I don't even know if I'm allowed to leak this, but looks like Labels has a white sample floating around that we hope goes into production, you can pick up your flat black Labels watch at our shop!

Weezy the Market Man aka DJ KHALED aka Paul Bearer Swag!

Linda was sporting our secretly released "Season Closers" tee, but don't worry we are remaking some for everyone to get their hands on it. We gonna keep doing secret releases to see who really pays attention to the brand.

The crowd there was pretty diverse, there was a mix of a little bit of everything in the building, which brings my to my next clip:

Apparently a cypher broke out on one side of the shop, which turned a lil heated for these two, this shit is hilarious! Friends don't let friends drink & rap at the wrong place.


(Insert Caption Here)

We gonna start throwing hidden contests in our blog posts, to see who is really paying attention. Free "Season Closers" tee to the person who can give the best caption for the conversation in this picture of Travis & Melloe. Email your caption to Hardwrkpaysoff@yahoo.com, Subject: Caption Contest! Get creative! Winner will get the caption posted on the blog & sent a free "Season Closer" tee.

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