Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100,000 | One Hundred Thousand


I bet you are asking what the significance of "100,000" is? It will be the number that marks the start of a freshly innovated blog. Ok, but the real reference is that our hit counter will be hitting "100,000" soon. It's on the homestretch & when it hits "100,000" we will be celebrating by giving away promo tees for every 10,000 hits. This blog has been around for awhile, and hasn't really seen many upgrades. But I can say this, it has recorded the beginning to current of the growing up & maturing process of this brand. Although this brand (now known as DYNT) is under a new system and brand image, we will always remember "the DOnUt days". Yes, we no longer go by the former name, we have released it. We grew apart as we moved forward & transitioned into a business. We made the decision that this is something we want to do for the rest of our lives. As a four month old business, we are quite satisfied with our results thus far. To all the friends that came & went, we wish you the best. To all the friends that continue to support, we thank you, and we wont disappoint you.

Now back to this "100,000" talk, If you pay attention to the bottom of the blog & you happen to be our "100,000th" visitor, screenshot it & email it to us for a FREE TEE (Don't try & photoshop it either)! We will continue to give away the rest of these exclusive "100,000" promo tee color ways via liking our Facebook page, & following our Twitter. Just make sure you pay close attention, because we plan on randomly posting these random contest like so, the first person to email Doyounotthem@yahoo.com with the exact number of how many times "100,000" has been wrote in this post will have a tee shipped their way!

Customer Appreciation Begins Now...
Stay Tuned!

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