Saturday, February 25, 2012

DYNT Now Available at Kore Skateshop

IMG_4094 copy

DYNT headwear & apparel is now available at Kore Skateshop in Montclair/San Bernardino. The shop from the outside looking in looks pretty normal, but when you walk inside you will find one of the nicest selection of brands & product.

IMG_4102 copy

You can find a great selection of Spring tees available that haven't released online yet. Including our new University tee in a limited colorway.

IMG_4097 copy

New University Snapbacks are available as well.

IMG_4095 copy

Kore has a solid selection of shoes including some consignments.

IMG_4093 copy

They filled us in with some of their remodeling ideas, when this place is complete it's gonna look ill.

IMG_4113 copy

We dropped by & chopped it up for a minute with Kevin, of the Kore staff about some future ideas and plans. Kevin is one chill dude, make sure you drop by & show some love.

IMG_4091 copy

Drop by Kore today & pick up some DYNT!

4168 Holt BLVD.
Montclair, CA, 91763

199 N. E street
San Bernardino, CA, 92401

Friday, February 24, 2012

Snaps | Clippers Vs. Nuggets

IMG_3962 copy

This past Wednesday we headed out to the Staples Center, home of the Lakers & Clippers to watch the Clippers against the Denver Nuggets.

IMG_3971 copy

Chick Hearn x DYNT

IMG_3975 copy

Weez wore the new University tee which is now available at Kore Skateshop first, it will be releasing with Spring 12'.

IMG_3992 copy

And this was our view... VIP Skybox Suite

IMG_4015 copy

Dj HyperAktive

IMG_4033 copy

Nothing like a VIP treatment, everybody should experience it at least once.

IMG_4025 copy

Packed House

IMG_4027 copy

The game was close all the way down to the fourth.

Idk if you guys got to catch this on the highlight reel....

IMG_4045 copy

we witnessed it.

IMG_4060 copy

Suite Hallway...

IMG_4067 copy

The Clippers beat the Nuggets 103-95 & we were out. The game was great & the experience was amazing.

IMG_4073 copy

After the game we headed down to Lil Tokyo and linked up with Mega to chill at this Japanese Restaurant.

IMG_4084 copy

Game Time.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snaps | Production Week

IMG_3948 copy

IMG_3946 copy

IMG_3927 copy

IMG_3903 copy

IMG_3950 copy

IMG_3938 copy

2012 Production

IMG_3956 copy

Here's a fact that a lot of people may not know, over here at DYNT we hand print all of our goods. DYNT is a legitimate brand that we built from the ground up. We used to pay multiple thousand dollar invoices each season for our product only to realize that we should have our own warehouse set up. We originally started at a warehouse in Upland which we ended up getting kicked out of. Well things happen for a reason, now we have our own warehouse set up which is bigger & better than the original. This gives us a chance to make some very rare & limited pieces, so next time we release them you know.

IMG_3951 copy

Probably one of my favorite shirts from Spring Delivery 1 has to be the new University tee. The first spot to have these is Kore Skateshop in Montclair/San Bernardino.

IMG_3922 copy

These past few weeks we have been on the road a lot whether its picking up inventory, sampling, & stopping by our cut & sew production warehouse.

IMG_3923 copy

Weezy looks excited about all the road trips

IMG_3933 copy

Stepping into full Cut & Sew production this year & sampling for late 2012.

IMG_3936 copy

One of these 3 lucky denims will be put into a denim production, wash, & cut to our liking, we know you will like them as well.

IMG_3930 copy

Full service

IMG_3941 copy

Let the games begin....


Monday, February 20, 2012

Website Updated

Picture 7

Our website is currently going under updates with the Spring 2012 Release right around the corner, check it out.

The 2nd Chapter Trailer | DYNT Documentary

To kick off our 2012 Visual campaign we teamed up with HWPO to bring you a trailer to an amazing project, the continuation documentary of DYNT. This film goes deeply in depth with the brand, the people behind it, & what we are all about. It will be releasing sometime this Spring/Summer, you won't wanna miss this.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snaps | DYNT Sunday's

IMG_3864 copy

Tiger Camo DYNT Iphone backgrounds.

IMG_3869 copy

This is Ayden, he's fairly new to the DYNT family, he already has the style on point.

IMG_3872 copy

On the block

IMG_3878 copy

Hooters x WWE Elimination Chamber

IMG_3880 copy

Sunny dropped by and chilled for a while, good catching up with him.

IMG_3881 copy

Chase just recently celebrated his birthday, we set him up & FORCED him take a picture with this bird.

IMG_3887 copy

Final viewing of the HWPO Documentary Trailer, which brings us to our next post.....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snaps | DYNT x Villany x Bent Life Triple Threat After Party

IMG_3591 copy

This past Saturday we took over Downtown Pasadena for the DYNT x Villany x Bent Life collaboration. We threw an after party at 72 North for the collab & our boy Dilla's Birthday that was just craze! Plenty of people, tons of drinks, & a shit load of fun. Enjoy some pics below:

IMG_3610 copy
Happy Birthday Dilla!

IMG_3586 copy
Bent Life

IMG_3588 copy

IMG_3594 copy

IMG_3631 copy
Stevie Crooks blessed the microphone one time.

IMG_3622 copy
Jab & Jayleon

IMG_3618 copy

IMG_3619 copy

IMG_3629 copy

IMG_3691 copy

IMG_3686 copy

IMG_3653 copy

IMG_3648 copy

IMG_3602 copy

IMG_3593 copy

IMG_3592 copy

IMG_3583 copy

IMG_3641 copy

IMG_3644 copy