Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Production

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Here's a fact that a lot of people may not know, over here at DYNT we hand print all of our goods. DYNT is a legitimate brand that we built from the ground up. We used to pay multiple thousand dollar invoices each season for our product only to realize that we should have our own warehouse set up. We originally started at a warehouse in Upland which we ended up getting kicked out of. Well things happen for a reason, now we have our own warehouse set up which is bigger & better than the original. This gives us a chance to make some very rare & limited pieces, so next time we release them you know.

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Probably one of my favorite shirts from Spring Delivery 1 has to be the new University tee. The first spot to have these is Kore Skateshop in Montclair/San Bernardino.

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These past few weeks we have been on the road a lot whether its picking up inventory, sampling, & stopping by our cut & sew production warehouse.

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Weezy looks excited about all the road trips

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Stepping into full Cut & Sew production this year & sampling for late 2012.

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One of these 3 lucky denims will be put into a denim production, wash, & cut to our liking, we know you will like them as well.

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Full service

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Let the games begin....


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