Monday, December 20, 2010

The Beginning | "Behind DYNT"

It's been a long journey for this brand, I don't really have to do a long write up because the doc will answer many questions. HWPO followed us for the last 6 months as we went on a hiatus to rebrand and bring you the best that we could, we did just that. We have opened our local Flagship & Gallery in Downtown Ontario, CA. Enjoy the video & pictures below from the last 6 months.

Start to Finish:
IMG_9813 copy
IMG_9142 copy
IMG_9812 copy
IMG_9924 copy
IMG_9922 copy
IMG_9812 copy
IMG_0010 copy
IMG_0002 copy
IMG_0281 copy
IMG_0280 copy
IMG_0215 copy
IMG_0206 copy
IMG_0204 copy
IMG_0196 copy
IMG_0192 copy

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