Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snaps | DYNT x ER 1 Yr Anniversary & Collaboration Party Hollywood.

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This past Thursday we celebrated the first part to our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration & Collaboration Tee Release with Everybody's Rival in Hollywood. The Villa Lounge couldn't have been a better venue for the celebration as people rolled in right as the clock struck 10. The event was a great turnout with both floors of the venue packed up. It was good seeing industry friends from such brands as Black Scale, Twelvebar, Blonde Locks, Maliceous Skateboard Co, LAX2JFK, New Era, & More! Thurzday came out as a special guest performer & kept the crowd live, with Spintelect closing out the night with his set. It was great to see all our friends, supporters, & all the new faces as well. We want to thank everyone who came out despite the rain and cold breeze that rolled in prior, the love & support was truly felt. Check out some pics below:

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IMG_1491 copy

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