Friday, August 19, 2011

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So it seems that this video has caused a lil controversy in the twitter world today. We have been so busy prepping for a lot of upcoming events that we have been a lil slow on the blog posts for the past 12 days. As you can see yesterday we did a lil catching up with post of happenings from two weeks prior even longer. Well, here comes the good stuff; We posted this video yesterday, the video file was done a couple days prior along with all the recent snaps posts, etc. Another brand dropped their summer recap video and it happened to be the same song a day or so prior, pure coincidence. We were informed by a supporter that this became a major issue & we understand that we are a business and we need to keep things professional at times so we decided to make public statement from the brand to you:

"We understand the power of a coincidence happening, DYNT in no way, or how copied, duplicated, or intended to reproduce any person(s), group, or companies product, video, photo, etc. We understand that there is room for inspiration but in this case this was a pure coincidence & nothing more."

We understand an "outsider's looking in" perspective, seriously. This reminds me of when I was 15 putting out skate video parts on the hunt for the next best song to be the first & only to put it on my part. I also remember how mad I was to know that someone released a part with the same song. This is where maturity comes in, I understood that a song newly released is bound to have 30+ videos with the same song in the background, am I to chase them all down as well? It happens people, chill out.

On another note while we are on the subject, The song was "N*gga's in Paris" by Kanye & Jay-Z off of their newly released "Watch the Throne". The beat was produced by Hit Boy, he reigns from our very own neighborhood so we wanted to extend the support for his accomplishments, Much respect to him as well.

Now on to another update! Hopefully this isn't a coincidence as well, If you have dropped by the shop in the last week you probably walked up to a window display that looks a little like this:


We have completely sold out of Summer, next time you shouldn't sleep. But that's not the reason we are closed, we are upgrading the shop for the rest of this month in preparation of DYNT Fall Release & the Re-Opening of a newly upgraded office. We are also developing better hours that are more consistent along with employees to keep the shop open on a daily basis. We want to make sure everything is perfect going into our 1 yr Anniversary. But If you know us, we don't like talking about it, we just like doing it. We were a little busy this week so this blog post should have been posted the day the sign and window went up. We apologize if you drove any distance to the shop and left with a disappointment.


The shop is closed to public "drop-in's" but it will be open on a "Appointment Only" basis. If you want to drop by for any inquiries, sales, etc. Call our office at (909) 218-7566 or Email; Info@DoYouNotThem.com to set up a meeting to come by the office. Everyone keep grinding...

It stands for "Do You, Not Them" for a reason...

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