Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tune in Tuesday's

This song is captivating, moving, mentally visual and addicting but words can only explain so much. It's called " The Suburbs" By: Mr. Little Jeans. The way this song was put together, almost seem's perfect. The tempo, the snare's, the extra sounds through out the beat are amazing. I wouldn't doubt the individual who created this was on some type of drug, Lol. I'm just saying. This is one of those songs you can have sex to, chill to, smoke to, play at an upscale party, anything, just something. I recently discovered this song is a cover to The Suburbs By: Arcade Fire, not to downplay there song but Mr. Little Jeans killed it.

Thanks for tuning in, I'm always down for new music so leave a comment and it'll probably make the list if I enjoy it. Till next week, DUECES.

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