Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Edits | Summer's Last Days

By now, if you haven't been satisfied with your summer this year, we feel bad for you son. There's always next year kids! we can't say the same for us, this summer has topped every summer prior whether if is was all the partying we did, or all the good business & moves we made.... This summer has been one for DYNT's record books. We bring you our 3rd and final "Summer Montage" for the month of August. The video includes a lot of cameo's including Police Officers from 3 diff county's (Middle Finger), The Euro Jerks, Anwar Washington (Peas & Carrots) , Bobby & Ben (The Hundreds), Mega (Black Scale), Rob (Malicious Skates), Spoety (Deadline), DUMA (ETRNLST), Bridget Blonde (The Blonde Locks), Ron (Primitive) & many more friends along with locations such as The Hundred's 8th Anniversary, Agenda, Westchester Berrics Park, DYNT Post Agenda Party, Black Scale La Brea, Ladies Love Summer Jamz, The Trap House & More....


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