Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where Are You DYNT!?

I know recently we have been slow with posts, that's because we have been laying low and working hard on some things.  Sometimes its well needed to just take a break and give yourself some time to rejuvenate in this world full of creators.  So where do we start, well...... let's start off with the above; The Very Rare Tee was not supposed to be released alone but only as an added to the iphone case package.  We placed a limited amount online for the people who don't use iphones, (the 10% of you left in the world or what it seems like).  They sold out in less than 48 hrs, & now your chances of getting your hands on the tee for the rest of summer is slim to none......UNLESS! You know the right person/people, there is still a chance to get your hands on one or there's a few iphone packages left..  We have some more product in store for  everyone coming soon... We are back to work.

Post by: Mateo

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