Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Very Rare Project | 424 Fairfax

424 Fairfax is one of the more higher end spots on Fairfax, it's held down by Guillermo (photo above).
It is the home of K&G & Sneaker Crowns, which exude quality & original jewelry for individuals & their footwear.  If you ever met or shared words with Guillermo, then you know he's one of the most down to earth & fashionable dudes on the block.  This is probably one of the most unique ways to use a Very Rare tees. 

Does this guy look familiar? This is Tony, he worked with us on a Summer Internship & is responsible for the infamous "Gutter Life" concept.  He is making big moves with 424 & his brand Gaws, you can catch him holding down the shop most of the time.

Aleali May, was in town from Chicago, she also is making some major moves in the industry right now.  

& This is Gabe, not updating his blog & holding expensive ass pillows.  Crazy how I live with this dude & he still lags.

Very Rare

Also Very Rare.

X.O Anyone?


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