Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Type Of Party | MIIA Photo Recap

When you throw one hell of a rager & take over 800 photos of the festivities, you really won't know where to begin.  This past Sunday we threw our first "Made It In America" House Party in celebration of Independence Day & the release of the MIIA Capsule Collection (Available Now). We opened up the gates at 2pm and raged all the way through the late night! 

The Made It In America Tee is available Online Now. If you happened the get your hands on this colorway, consider yourself lucky.  This colorway was created distinctly for our party go-ers, you might think twice before skipping another DYNT Event.

We spent hundreds on making sure the bar was fully stocked for everyone to enjoy with a variety of drinks, we must have estimated perfectly, we ran out of drinks in the last hour.  

I seen a lot of different "Fuck Tradition" Hats around the party, perfect for the day.

Pierre came all the way from The Bay to rage with the DYNT Crew, I don't know what Gabe was cheesin' about.

Loni, on the right came from Arizona to celebrate!

AC, the kid has been on his grind lately.

Episode came and spun a guest set, he always keeps parties live.

JR is a boss, you will notice he snuck his way into a lot of photos or maybe the camera just liked him.  Wezzie doing what he does best, flippin the bird.

Genevieve! (The Crimes).... Update your blog!


Hey it's Brenda!

Some of these dudes were from Arizona too.

No seriously, BENT LIFE!

You get the picture!

Dilla P, drunken smiles.

Hey Erin!

With the Gummy Bears on the bottom...

Rob (MLCS Co.) rolled through! 

Mr. Masinas

Wezzie had his Red, White, & Blue.


Have you downloaded Hyperaktive's Mix from the party!? If you haven't click here!

Very Rare, Danni Rouge.  Speaking of the infamous "Very Rare" Tee, we have a surprise release coming out this week, stay tuned!

Always good to see the Extended Fam at all the events!

Girls kissing Girls..... 

Jeremy, has supported us for a long time, it's about that time he gets some blog love.

OG's right here, expect big things to come for the rest of this year.

Bobbito (ATNX) rolled through!

JR in yet another photo.


Ale's nails matched my shoes.

Soon as the sun set, it got really wild.

Oh how proud I am of my roommates.

Chase said the flash was too bright as he took another sip of his High Life.

The crew from our retailer, Kore California came out.

Made It.

Perceps is up next, he definitely turned the party up!  Look out for the video soon.

Turn Up!

We through one hell of a party, make sure you are at the next one.

More Photos Available Here, Make sure you tag #DYNT & #MIIA.

Photos by:
Mateo Berry
Gabe Masinas

Post By Mateo.


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