Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friends & Fam Skate Jam & Pool Party Recap

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Things have been a little busy with our Official Summer Release right around the corner, July 16th to be exact. We decided to throw a little something for our supporters & friends, a Mini Ramp Jam, Pool Party, & BBQ. The sun was out, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees & the turn out was great. Special Thank you to Heel Bruise, Bent Life, Labels, The Daily Life, Active & Everyone else who came out to support. Check out some pictures below.

Sammy,Dylan, Collab Tee (1 copy
Dylan & Sammy poolside.

olive Tee (1 of 1) copy
Heel Bruise came through, we sent Damar home with a promo to match his hat.

canon (1 of 1) copy
Everyone enjoyed the haggard ramp, we took donations to get masonite so it can be dialed for all seasons.

skateboard fishing (1 of 1 copy
Congrats to Mandee, she just started her new Job at Vans, she previously worked with The Hundreds & Brooklyn Projects.

Active Logo (1 of 1) copy
Active Rancho Crew came through and showed love.

Grilllin 2 (1 of 1) copy
Free hot dogs, burgers, & brew.

Fixie Ramp (1 of 1) copy
Our fixie rider Sammy was in the mix.

Red Tee (1 of 1) copy
Umm nice product placement Dilla....

mini sesh 2 (1 of 1) copy
Denzel came through & shredded the ramp then cut a flip off of it into the pool.

Designers (1 of 1) copy
Can't forget the female designers, Diana & Tara reminded me as i shouted out friends. They have a brand coming soon that is pretty legit.

Gutter Life (1 of 1) copy
Great turnout, plenty of good tricks landed, good food, & good times were had.

If you didn't get a chance to come through, make sure you come out on the 16th from 6-10p at DYNT Gallery
211 W. Emporia St. Unit #203
Ontario, CA 91762

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