Monday, September 19, 2011

Event Recap | DYNT Gallery Reopening & Fall Release Party

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You can't say we haven't warned everyone about how our events go, but we will say it again; "Our crew sure knows how to throw a party!" The week leading to this was hectic with a list of "to do's" that could hit the floor but we managed to get them done. The newly redone store was completed along with the first delivery of the season, I love seeing new tees on the racks.

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The hard work definitely payed off, by 9 there was about 200+ people accounted for trying to find a way into the store. We had to tear down our window display to allow people & staff stuck outside to watch the fight & performances.

IMG_5889 copy

We played around on the mic for a second before the fight started to see who was going for Ortiz, three people spoke up.... Maybe there was more but they stayed quiet.

IMG_5916 copy

The two piece that was seen around the world that ended the fight.

IMG_5939 copy

After the fight Noa James & Stevie Crooks commenced to killing their performances! Footage coming soon.

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"New York Nika" managed to get her hands on one of the "Duck Pocket Tees" these will be gone before I get a chance to put pictures up, think fast.

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Our Summer Interns still love us... AC & Alejandra

IMG_5836 copy

Rob (Malicious Skates) made the trip!

IMG_5812 copy

So did the lovely ladies of "IN"

IMG_5808 copy

Lil River the "Super Intern" & Chase held down the counter.

IMG_5795 copy

I have to put lil Rob on the blog, I call him "Big Rob" cause he's always trying to kickbox with someone, but if you go through the pics, he's lurking somewhere in a lot of them.

IMG_5798 copy

Danni took care of everyone's inebriation for the night! Make sure you thank her!

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By the end of the night, the sigh of relief after another successful event, product moved out, no drama, no drinks spilled on our newly finished furniture, no other knockouts after Ortiz, & plenty of great memories. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed support, the shop is back in business, come by Fri-Sun 1p-17p, or call in M-Th 909.218.7566.


Go "Like" & Check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook! There's plenty to go around, If you were the owner of one of the many cameras floating around the party that day, email us. We would love to see your photo interpretation of the event.

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