Friday, September 2, 2011

Snaps | Magic Las Vegas.

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Another Vegas trip to MAGIC/S.L.A.T.E. has came and gone, plenty of memories including the ones we can't remember from our own rendition of "The Hangover" after Karmaloop's Party. Check out some pics below:

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Vegas is home to the McDonalds "Hot & Spicy" Chicken Sandwich.... couldn't pass that up.

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IMG_4359 copy
Whenever we go to MAGIC, Wezzie resembles DJ Khaled.

IMG_4406 copy

IMG_4542 copy
Swizz Beats ... Again.

IMG_4615 copy
Ran into Taz & his crew in the lobby.

IMG_4619 copy
Mega showed us some love by throwing on the "All Rights" Tee, Available 9.17.11

IMG_4629 copy
Juelz was lurkin around for a day, Diplomats.

IMG_4664 copy
Hardly home, but always....

IMG_4663 copy
411 Magazine from Japan was there covering again, he's holding the issue we were featured in.

IMG_4654 copy
Angela & Trav

IMG_4666 copy

IMG_4840 copy

IMG_4766 copy
The night that WASN'T remembered.

IMG_4729 copy
Safe to say the homies from Diamond were in VIP with us.

IMG_4725 copy
Billy before he blacked out...

IMG_4416 copy
Until next time Vegas.....

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