Monday, September 26, 2011

Events | Loud & Obnoxious 4 yr Anniversary

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The Loud & Obnoxious crew recently moved into their bigger facility in the outskirts of P-town which looks great. Now on top of that accomplishment the just celebrated 4 years of being in business with their clothing brand. We have known Vince & his crew for a couple years now & they are definitely a driven group. At the direction they are headed, I'm sure they will easily bag another 4 years under their belt easily.

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Supporters lined up early to get their hands on some new product from the L&O Camp.

IMG_6727 copy

Product ready to be moved out.

IMG_6744 copy

The Beer Tasting Table.

IMG_6732 copy

I thought this was pretty creative, L&O sampled their very own Beer in collaboration with Kooshian & Parada. They titled it the "Widowmaker IPA" & released a commemorative tee to go with it.

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Outside several games of HORSE went down.

IMG_7323 copy

Melloe ended up reigning undefeated.

IMG_7340 copy

Gabe Salazar managed to beat L&O's Preston in a game of S.K.A.T.E.

IMG_6837 copy

I got out there and did a couple tricks before it was back to shooting.

IMG_7344 copy

Carter rolled through to wrap up the event with a live performance.

IMG_7397 copy

posted out front & chopped it up for a second while the DJ's set up, Carter, Spoety, Thieves Honor

IMG_7418 copy

Carter doing his set.

IMG_7436 copy

Great turnout, good times, & good people. The rest of the pictures can be found HERE!

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