Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Event Recap | D.I.Y. 9.9.11

This past week we were part of the "Do It Yourself" Fashion & Music Festival at the Glasshouse in Pomona. The event flowed smooth with a great crowd, we hosted a free raffle giving away a extremely limited "All Rights Deserved" Tanks (4 of 8 to be exact.) Check out some pics below, the rest can be found HERE!

IMG_5154 copy

4 lucky people left with this exclusive tank.

IMG_5083 copy

Noa James is the man behind the whole event, nothing but smiles.

IMG_5110 copy

The Ladies...

IMG_5152 copy

Erika took this one to China.

IMG_5117 copy


IMG_5245 copy

Adam ended up winning one of the tanks, he has a brand called the Voiage, check them out.

IMG_5224 copy

Stevie Crooks x "Gutter Life"

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