Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Snaps | Them Not, You Do.

There's nothing like a backyard mini ramp built to perfection.

& Here is "The Front Yard", aka Brooklyn Projects Melrose.

Brooklyn Dom is one of the OG's in the game, before Fairfax there was Melrose, this is his home running Brooklyn Projects.  I gave this dude a lot of money in the SB days.  The level of respect this dude has is amazing, I definitely wouldn't have thought I'd be working with this guy a couple years later.

Jenn Klein checked out the newest Santa Cruz Cruiser, while Dom talked his shit.

Keenan Forever.


When Wezzie drives, his seat is back farther than mine & I'm a foot taller.  

Lil Mike Hundreds gets the ladies.

I'm sure you see this dude here and there on our blog, well here he is again.  Rob is fam, he has been making some big moves with his skate & accessory company, MLCS Co. We have a collaboration in the works for 2013.

Jarrett of Asociete came through from The Bay to share their vision & plans for 2012/2013, look out for him & him team.

The number 9 is now called the "Obama's Special".... Fuck That, it's still a "Country Boy" in my book Californian's Know.

Nice Hoodie Ale.

Caught Slippin

Happy Birthday Wezzie, you can now hang out with those chicks who throw too much make up on.


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