Sunday, May 6, 2012

Camo Down to My Boxers.

  There's a nice list of different unique camouflage prints such as the woodland, desert, tiger striped, duck hunter (beogam), flecktarn, digital, & now you see a lot of brands incorporating their very own created camos with inspiration from the OGs.  It's no question that camo has always had a big impact on street style & even high fashion.  Lately, it has been seen on everything from small accessories all the way to tailored garments.

Wezzie & I own piles of camo & fatigue pieces from accessories to vests, jackets down to pants.   It is one of the most frequently used pattern/prints in the last few years in the industry from brands such as Supreme, 10 Deep, HUF, The Hundreds, Bape, Sophnet, CLOT, Stussy, Northface, Herschel & the list could keep going but you get the picture.  It has always been something that we like to incorporate into our personal style, & thus fourth is incorporated in DYNT seasons.  But why since everyone seems to use it?  It's something we like, our brand only produces product that we are truly into, we are genuine.  We aren't gonna put out product that doesn't directly reflect us just because it's trending, I mean the name is "Do You, Not Them".  At the same time, if it's something that is a little mainstream & it's something we are into, we won't let that stop us from producing something unique.  If that's the case we will release something later with our own twist on it, matter a fact while we are on the subject we have been waiting for the right time to release some product with one of my favorite camos.  No I can't tell you....

You will see some unique pieces from the brand in the future, but if you notice from each season we never over do it & keep in in moderation.  Although Camo may be one of our favorite prints, we have only been throwing in hints of it in our seasons.

Stay Tuned.

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