Sunday, May 20, 2012

Snaps | On The Block

[Above:  TK of Those Two is Very Rare]

This past Wednesday I took two days away from work to chill with some friends & start on a new project that I have up my sleeve.  I posted on Fairfax for the afternoon into the evening before catching a skate session in the dark with Rob (MLCS).  


Tony the Pony

Chris King & I go way back, good to see him doing his thing in LA

Diamond Mayor

Corey & G

Jenn Klein's Photo.

Peas & Carrots & Friends.



Feels good to be back on the board, I was vexed with a knee injury and haven't stepped on one in 4 months.

Game of Skate

Tony Backside Flip

Oh it's Aurielle

By the time Me & Rob go to Westchester, the lights were off, oh well we still skated.


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Photo Credit:  Mateo & Jenn Klein

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