Friday, April 13, 2012

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What better way to spend a Wednesday than starting off in Downtown LA to pick up some cases of tees then making my way to Fairfax to visit some friends.  One of the first spots I dropped by was the Twelve Bar Office to catch up with Nick & drop him off some of the new goods.  

The Twelve Bar crew are from the UK & I bet for a fact they can school you in hip hop knowledge.  They collaborate & work with a lot of good artists, they also make some great looking denim.

 This is Nick's Chair, he's not a fan of taking pictures so we had his representative take his place.  Solid boss stance ... 

A few doors down from the Twelve Bar Crew you can find a door with a "Just Be Cool" Sticker across it, that's where you can find this guy at.  This is Mizzle of the JBC, I used to work with them shooting videos for Dom Kennedy & JBC Events.  

Let's keep going down the block, ran into this hairdo on the way to Diamond.  

Dropped into Diamond to catch up with the homie Sean Lyles, you may remember him from a past WDYWT segment.  He's recently moved back to LA & is making some big moves, good to see him back in town.

This was the first time I got to check out their newly added 2nd story shoe wall.  It seems that Diamond's Shoe Selection has been a love or hate thing with people, it all comes down to moving those units!

While Yousef & Sean throw them up, I obviously can't focus on anything but the computer, relax fellas I apparently forgot how to use a camera.

Dropped my head in DOPE to say what's up to Alpha.

To wrap up the day I got a chance to sit down with one of my new favorite persons, Jenn Klein.  She manages the hip hop group "Chill Black Guys", works with Soul Assasins & DJ Muggs on a radio podcast, & she also is one half of Those Two, a featured blog on The Hundreds.  She just recently dropped a informative blog post about our extended family, Mega of Black Scale. The convo we had touched so many subjects as I sat, listened, & learned so much without it being the intention. 

Golden State Sweet Potato Fries. 

Can't wait for these to release.....

Till Next Time.

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