Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sight Unseen

Now that we have wrapped up our last lookbook shoot, I got a chance to go back through & pick out some outtake shots & tell you more about some of our models.  Let's start with the one above,the lovely ladies of DYNT, Erika & Justine definitely stole the show.  I mean what guy doesn't like sexy women in DYNT, We sure enjoy it.

This is Dilla P, he's probably the rowdiest in the crew, I'm sure if you don't know him you will have some kind of story to tell by the end of the day in his presence.  That was him yelling at everyone on the streets in our Quick Edit of the TH x G-Shock Gucci Mane Show!

This picture didn't make the book, it was some in-between shenanigans... But this is ROB! Some of you better know him as Maliceous Skates.  He is definitely family, We have something in the works for the future...

This is River, aka Hitler's Butter aka The Super Intern.... You can catch him lurkin with the crew from time to time considering the kid is still in High School, & probably one of the most socially awkward kids you'd ever meet.

Middle Fingers Up.
Fuck Tradition.


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