Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wrestlemania Sunday

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Atleast once a month Weez manages to get us all to Hooters to watch the new WWE Pay Per View Showing.  This past Sunday Wrestlemania went down, probably the biggest event in wrestling history for decades now.  See normally when we go to these, Rob & I sit at the table and crack jokes about how wrestling is fake, but this time around the whole house was packed with wrestling fanatics so we were definitely the minorities.  When some of the headlining matches went down, you'd hear everything from screaming fans, high fives, to smashing tables.

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Rob above joined in with the Cena, "You Can't See Me" to taunt Weez.

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Weez & Jeff

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The End of an Era match was probably the most entertaining, not only because it was pretty intense but it was something I even related to.  Everyone goes through their wrestling phase, & when I was into it, Triple H & Undertaker were headliners & 20 Yrs later were back for one last match.

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The Rock & John Cena stare down.

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The Rock Won, & Weez went home satisfied.


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