Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We Forgive Those Who Don't Know | Suanny Serpas For DYNT

When we design product, almost all the product are direct reflections of life experiences with our brand that everyone can relate to.  With the red "We Forgive You" Coaches Jacket releasing in our SS13 first delivery, it's the perfect time to elaborate exactly why we made this jacket. What better way to share the story with some visuals from our beautiful friend, Suanny Serpas.

The back of the jacket boldly states "You Don't Know Shit." When we started this brand it was actually a rebranding of a previous brand that fell apart. There was a lot of people who came and went & a lot of different reasons why. There was numerous different stories that went down and a lot of truths left out.  So we decided to send a message to those who judged without the truth presented or even "knowing shit" about the background of this brand.  People are quick to judge what they don't know, quick to believe what they hear, & easily influenced by "hearsay."  

"Forgive the Ignorant"... It is our job not to care about being judged, so the front of the jacket reads "We Forgive You".  We don't have to justify shit, we just keep working & growing.  We designed the jacket so it can be relatable to everyday life, everyone goes through similar circumstances.  We let our work speak the truth.  Just live your life... There is a special place for those the judge & don't know.

Now enough about the jacket, let's talk about the woman that is wearing it. This is Suanny, I first met her on the set of a Black Scale Shoot last year, her hair was much longer & darker back then.  She recently cut her hair short to donate it for a good cause.  We also just recently found out that we had more in common than we knew, Suanny is also Honduran.  When I introduced her to the brand she instantly believed in our vision & became a real supporter & even better extended family member, enjoy some photos below: 

"Culture is everything to me... Values, faith, & purpose is what I live for.  I die for loyalty and truth.  In a room full of sham faces, vanity, and materialism; I've learned to stay true & rise above false idols." 
-Suanny Serpas


Photos By: Mateo Berry
Additional Styling By: Gilbere Forte
Model: Suanny Serpas


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