Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life & Times.

Looking back about 2-3 years ago, when we were talking about some of the experiences & lifestyles we wanted to live, we can't help but be thankful for the progression & growth of the brand.  We still have a long way to go and still make minor mistakes that we learn from, but we have had some pretty ill experiences & met a plethora of amazing people along this journey.  If you are still tuning into our blog or even if this is your first time on it, we thank you.  We will keep it updated more now...

This past week we stopped into Jimmy Gorecki's Lookbook Shoot for his newly released 'Jimmy Sweatpants" line.  You may remember him from the legendary Ice Cream Skate Team Video a couple years back, or you may have seen him around skating in some Military IVs. Make sure you check out his line, the quality & functionality is superb.

The "Not For Sale" Tee caused quite a stirrup, the reality behind this tee if you didn't already know, it's photoshop.  It was a fun parody we did to give away as gifts to a choice few, we have had multiple offers to buy or "donate" but respectfully declined.  The real brains is Terry Richardson, it's his photo (as if you didn't know that either)... He's a legend & one of our favorite photographers, don't praise us, praise him.... Not for Sale.

Our boy Sean Lyles knows....

Raak Pictured in Black produced the "PRAY" track by Gilbere Forte that is on our site, Sean G in the Grey hoodie is Forte's DJ.

Fun Fact: When Weezie & I first met, he didn't like me.  It happens with a lot of people, never judge a book by cover people.  Now we have been running this brand together for 2 & a half years and have some amazing projects coming up.

The Red "You Don't Know Shit" Coaches Jackets come out in a week or so.  We fixed the size issue, these ones fir true to size...

Preview #1 DYNT Hand Tailored Varsity Jacket for FW13.  Pictured is the All Wool Sample, the final will have genuine leather sleeves... yes Genuine, quality touches.


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