Thursday, April 4, 2013

Office Artifacts

Not so much an Essential's more like stuff we have around the headquarters or that was given to us or acquired from friends who make cool shit that we'd like to share.

1. The Source December 2012 Issue "Rookie of the Year" Kendrick Lamar Cover.  K-dot seen on the cover wearing our very own, Very Rare Especial Crewneck.  If you don't believe us, check the full page photo on table of contents.

2. Air Jordan White Cement IV Air Freshener by FRSH Airs

3. Ibn Jasper x QNTN Fitted 5-panel.  The combination of leather & suede with gold accents to match the Louis Vuitton Jaspers.

4. Levi Maestro's Becomb "Infinity Piece".  It's not a watch, representing that time becomes irrelevant when you are doing what you love.

5.  RIRI M8 Gold 7 inch Zippers.  As featured on our FW13 Joggers... coming soon.

6. Premium Co 18K Gold Micro Jesus Piece.  This is the original piece that sold out, but Davin is a perfectionist & has a new, improved, and highly detailed piece releasing soon, along with a plethora of accessories.

7. DYNT Tailored FW13 All Wool Varsity Sample (Handmade patchwork perfection)

8. Our homies from Bent Life & Gaws collaborated on this longsleeve tee.  (Most people won't get the fishing reference... Pick one up now.

9. Mophie Portable USB Charger.  This thing is a life saver when you are out and your phone dies, it can take your Iphone from 0%-100% twice off of a full charge.


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