Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Production In Progress

It's only right to start this post off apologizing for the fact that we haven't posted much to start the year off.  That is because we have been extra busy playing catch up & gearing up some big moves for 2013.  Stay tuned, we will keep the blog updated from here on out, you have our word.  We have started production on all of our new samples all the way through the end of the year, we have some pretty ill gems releasing this year.  Check out some "Behind the Scenes" & preview below:

Last week we stopped by to get tailored up for our FW 13 Handmade Varsity Jackets, this has to be the one piece i look forward to the most.

It's always been a dream to make a varsity for the brand, i know that sounds like an easy task but we wanted to produce something of superior quality.  A piece that is timeless, a quality jacket that will last you 10 years.  We chose to go with a tailored handmade genuine leather, heavyweight wool combination, with a clean satin lining.

When I say handmade, I mean this jacket is built from head to toe in America by hand.  Tul gave us a lil free hand sample of his handmade chain stitching for the camera.  These machines are Rare, Very Rare... They have been using these to make genuine patches since the 1940's.

It's one thing to be hyped to meet someone who is willing to bring your dream product to life, but its even better to meet someone who is just as hyped to actually do it.  Tommy & Tul definitely took a look at our blueprint and were hyped to bring this jacket to life.

Back on our side of town, some SS Product samples were getting printed up, check the detail on this piece. 

The Faith Tee is amazing, just can't give you too much of it yet.

LEAKS, SS 13 will be releasing soon....

Post by: Mateo
Additional Photos by: Darnell

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