Sunday, March 3, 2013

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 Magic has always been somewhat of a big deal, you can always appreciate it because it's gracefully located in Sin City.  We have a lot to look forward to after this years show, enjoy some pics below:

Dropped by to visit Neek of Stussy, he's on his way to being an LA Native soon, moving on up in the world... Congrats brother.

Always good to see the Crooks team, good times.

Gotta love Miss Sheargold

Although Maestro wasn't in LV due to his Gallery Opening, Becomb presence was strong.

Nick of Laces Toronto shared his amazing penthouse hospitality with us as we talk some plans for Toronto & Shibuya for later this year, stay tuned.

Melissa, Bree, & Chelsea 

We are pretty sure this isn't the first time you seen or heard about Russ' booth at Magic, pure genius.

Spanto is killing shit with his team this year, check out Born x Raised.

Patrick & Brian of Bloodbath took some time away to politic with us about production.

(Add your own caption)
Sir Dilla x Captain Buscemi

When Brocky walks into the building, all his marketing Aura follows...

Always stop in to say hello to the very humble, Fruition LV crew.

Teron, T, Big T, Blue Collar, whatever you want to call him, He's one of the illest people we know.

& maybe this is why, he does him....  Black Scale.



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Post by Mateo
Additional Photos by: Darnell

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