Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snaps | Beating Traffic

  We consistently are on the move dealing with the brand & making new industry friends on the way.  Los Angeles is a great place location for us, there's always something going on, but it's definitely "Not for Everyone".  

Dropped by Han Cholo HQ to say what's up to the crew, & pull some jewels for our recent lookbook shoot.  Weezy caught an Instagram moment, thankful for their ongoing support and family love. 

Black Scale Just moved their store, next door.  If you haven't dropped by the new store check it out, along with their amazing lineup of Cut & Sew for Winter.

(Eddie Cruz, Joy Claire, Fake Sickness, Frank the Butcher, & Mega) 

This picture has so much power behind it.  If you don't know these people, i advise you do your homework.

Ran into Theotis on the rainy Friday, always good to see a long time friend.

Got invited to the Girl Skateboards Warehouse to skate test Lakai's new Linden shoe.  I put it to work, doesn't quite look deadstock anymore.

If you haven't got a chance to witness this amazing video, i recommend you hit you local skateshop & pick it up, or Online Here!

We end here back at the warehouse, where the local skate rats come by & talk about their extremely random High School stories.  I'll upload a video of one very soon....


Post by: Mateo Berry

Additional Photo Credit: G. Masinas

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