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Recap | As 2012 Comes To An End.

2013 is right around the corner, i guess it's safe to say the Mayans calendar that people were referring to in terms to our World ending was a little off.  Let's recap some highlights of 2012:

Closing Our Doors of the DYNT Gallery:

Early in 2012, we closed the doors of our local HQ, we used it as a shop/showroom at the time & threw some pretty epic events in 2011.  Some things just aren't made to last, certain doors close for others to open.  We ran into some circumstances that just wouldn't fly with us, so we parted ways & now in a much better situation with the purchase of our warehouse & soon to be LA Office.

Huf x Haroshi:

Whether you like Skateboarding or you like Art? Both worlds collided when Haroshi took old used decks and made them into precisely amazing sculptures.

The Black Asap Photo:

Whether you like Asap Rocky or not, you have most likely seen this photo.  What some of you may or may not have known, our Creative Director Mateo shot this photo back in January.  A month or so ago we got a rare anonymous message in our contact box saying something like "Quit riding ASAP's wave."  Looks more like we contributed to his "Wave", we got a laugh out of that one... ASAP has  been fam since jump. 

Maybe next time you will learn to do your research before you speak.... Idiots. 

KONY 2012:

Global Scam or Worldwide Wake-up Call? Go Viral, roll with the ballers...

The Diplomats Capsule Collection:

We dropped a capsule last Spring honoring the mighty Dipset, you had to be a real fan to comprehend each design.  For those who thought that we did this without any permissions or notification from the Diplomats....wrong again.

The fact of the matter is, not only did they know, fuck with, & own the pieces.  Freaky Zeeky gave Wezzie some choice words on "why the president didn't get his own design?"

Very Rare Project:

If we told the world that we started the whole "Very Rare" epidemic, they wouldn't believe us by how rapidly it spread.... but "they know".  The Very Rare Project is still in full effect, lifestyle photo book coming soon.

Skateboard Mag 100th Issue:

Skateboard Mag released their 100th issue, & I got to take epic photo's like this one:

If you don't know who these two people are in the skate industry, exit stage left.

The Obama Special:

Obama shuts down Roscoe's & they rename the World Famous "Country Boy Number 9" after him.


Right when Facebook was the last thought on your mind, Instagram came in and shook things up, to only be sold straight to Facebook.  Now everybody is questioning their privacy policy.

Oh well, go follow us now: @DYNT, @MateoDYNT, @WezzieDYNT, @Chumpion, @Greedynellz

Wrestlemania 28: "End of an Era" Match

Even if you outgrew wrestling or came to accept that it is staged, the "End of an Era" Match featuring the Undertaker, Triple H, & Shawn Michaels was "thee" match.  These 3 were the last of a dying breed of wrestlers from the 90's & early 2000's when wrestling was at it's peak.  An amazing match to end on of the biggest rivalries in the history of wrestling.

DYNT Made it in America Party:

We threw a party, yea we threw a party...

Nike continues to kill it in the sneaker industry by innovating fitness tracking to the next level.  The features are specifically for basketball games. It measures “how high, how quick and how hard” you play. You can get real time stats in live mode and pair your Nike+ shoes with your iOS device.  We got a chance to test them out at the Nike Montalban "Game On World" 3 on 3 Tournament.

Henny x Futura:

The party of parties.... You couldn't name drop Jesus himself to get into this party.  We somehow found our way into this event after Agenda & it was definitely a night to remember.  Futura, Diplo, Santigold, Kid Cudi, Bun B, Usher, & all the industry titans in the same building.... thank you Futura

The Yeezy 2:

Were they really worth getting shot over? Many would say yes, I managed to get my hands on a pair.  Now if only more people would actually wear these trophies instead of letting them rot in their closets.  I remember I wore these to a concert & overheard these two guys say that they were going to
 attempt to jump me for them... must not know who we roll with.  It's that serious out here, did these really jump over the Jumpman? I would say no, but I still really appreciate the futuristic shoe...

Felix's Supersonic Freefall:

That's making history...


I heard it was supposed to make cars fly....

DYNT "30 Seconds of Power":

Sometimes it's best to be your own fan, we killed this 30 second promo.  "Don't believe me just watch..."

Designer Flips:

It seems that the High Fashion & Designer world was the target for parodies in 2012.  Giraunchy, Homies, Comme Des Fuckdown, Ballinciaga, Celine me Alone, & many more... it was fun while it lasted.  We even had our fun with our Very Rare Paris hoodie.  No disrespect, just honoring the higher fashion & fusing it with streetwear.

40 Oz NYC:

While we are on the subject, one designer flip or should I say "Inspired" brand that surfaced this year was the 40 Oz NY Snapbacks.  I've know about 40 Oz Van for a couple years now, some would say he came up from the 40 Oz Bounce Parties & his blog that consists 99% of nude photos that are sent to him.  Now this dude is making Givenchy & Balmain "Inspired" Snapbacks including collabs with the likes of Theophilis London, TISA, Black Scale & more.  The best part is that he's selling them like crazy, cash out VAN... respect.

Turning Doubters Into Believers:

You always have that one dude who don't know anything about you, so they doubt you too the fullest...

Pretty Sweet:

Not just a skate film, it's THEE skate film of 2012, Spike Jonze & Ty Evans took it to a whole other level.  This is an epic tale of two gangs, like The Jets and The Sharks. But Girl and Chocolate aren't even gangs.  If you haven't seen it, I advise you to go watch it now.

"Trill" & "Swag":

Two words you love to hate, but hate to love...
Yea they have both been around but in 2012 they both became separate movements, predominately ran by High School Kids trying to find themselves.  I have heard a kid use all the adlibs in one sentence, "Now that's swag, woop, trill.... Thank you Based God", yea that really happened..... I don't think that is what Jay or Bun meant for these.

That's All She Wrote:

For boxing that is... There goes any hopes of seeing that Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight that would resurrect Boxing after living in the shadows of UFC/MMA this year.  You had a good run Pacman...

Every Variation of "The Real Housewives":

Never watched one episode, & I already hate you all....

Lebron James get's a ring:

Hater's gon' hate... but before you get ahead of yourself and talking wreckless like the biggest hater, Scottie Pippen:

You got 5 more to go.

Aape by A Bathing Ape:

In 2011, everyone questioned how long Bape would stay in the light after 90% of it was sold to a corporation in Japan. To this day, it still has a place in our hearts.  In May they released a more affordable line called "Aape" which in turn is just as rare as Bape, seeing to how it isn't available anywhere in America... Better get those Japanese connects up, I know I did.

I am Kendrick Lamar:

"Rookie of the Year", "King of the West Coast", & whatever else you want to dub him, Kendrick took 2012 by storm & became "The People's Champ".  The best part of it all is... the dude has good taste as well:

DYNT "Very Rare Especial" Crewneck was featured in his "Rookie of the Year" Cover issue of The Source.  Now that's love K-Dot....

We already know there's a lot of cool shit we missed, we just thought we'd recap a few.  Welcome to 2013.

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