Friday, August 3, 2012

Snaps | Henny x Futura Party

Hennessy continues to collaborate with amazing artists & this time around they picked Futura to make a custom bottle which also came in a box set with a pair of custom chucks.  In celebration of this collaboration, Hennessy held one of the best ragers at Milk Studios in Hollywood.  The quote of the night was "You gonna have to know Jesus to Iget Into this party" because it was damn near impossible to get in without being on the list.  We were lucky enough to attend, check out some photos below.

This is the bottle, if you have your hands on one consider yourself lucky.

"You are now in the presence of a legend", Futura is a legend, he has earned his stripes in the industry with a long list of amazing collabs & quality art.

Diplo supplied the sounds for the night and kept everyone turnt up...

This chick had to make sure she took a pic of herself with him in the background....

My favorite group of ladies right, the new twerk team.

Santigold performed live & killed it!

Cudi hopped on stage and proclaimed his love for her, then came back down to enjoy the rest of her set.

Congrats to Futura & Thank you Hennessy for and amazing party.

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