Friday, August 3, 2012

Snaps | Agenda | Nike Sb x Levi's

What happens when a barrage of your favorite brands & skate companies come together, mixed with buyers from around the world?  Agenda happens! We dropped by and hung out with some of our industry friends as they did their thing.  We didn't end up showing this year just lurked, & partied but expect to see our season in Vegas next month guys.  

Nike SB x Levi's Launch Party

After the show we dropped by Nike S&M (Sixth & Mill) Los Angeles, for the Nike SB x Levi's Launch Party & checked out the new facility. It seems that this is the new home of Nike SB events with a small museum & indoor park. We left this kind of early to get across town for the third event of the day but from what we hear, things got a little rowdy and SWAT had to come out, Only in LA.

Photos Below:


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